Leica’s M series is one of the most heralded in all of photography. The Leica M10 Camera is the latest to join its ranks, offering a mix of old and new technologies that elevate it above the rest. For starters, its body is closer in size to that of the company’s film-based M-models, making it more comfortable to use. Likewise, it has manual controls for shutter speed, focus, aperture, and ISO value, a first for a digital M. Yet despite these old-school features, it has a number of advanced improvements. An all-new 24 megapixel CMOS sensor offers improved ISO sensitivity, dynamic range, and sharpness, the latter thanks to the omission of a low-pass filter. A current-generation Maestro II image processor makes it the fastest M ever made, integrated GPS and WiFi add modern conveniences, and the lack of a video mode means it’s even easier to get down to the business of making photos.


Vinyl Records Are Now Outselling Digital Downloads in the UK

If you thought the vinyl record’s comeback story was more buzz than business, consider the latest developments from across the pond. The U.K.-based Entertainment Retailers Association, or ERA, said Monday that Britons spent 2.4 million pounds on the old-school wax last week while only doling out 2.1 million pounds for digital downloads.
Vinyl Factory, a website dedicated to records, reported that those numbers represent a big change from the same week in 2015, when just 1.2 million pounds was spent on records compared with 4.4 million on digital downloads. That’s a 100 percent year-over-year increase in vinyl sales and also the first time that vinyl album sales have bested digital downloads over a weeklong period in years, per Vinyl Factory.
Thanks to vinyl-minded events like Record Store Day, albums have been on the uptick in recent years around the globe. Vinyl sales have steadily grown over the past decade in the U.S., with 12 million units moved in 2015, according to Nielsen data.
With Spotify, Pandora and other digital music streamers paying relatively small royalties to artists, that’s good news for musicians.


Eight Smart Mattress

There’s a number of ways to track sleep, and many more reasons to do so. Problem is, many existing methods are either inaccurate or uncomfortable (placing your phone upside down on your nightstand, wearing a fitness tracker and so on). Eight’s smart mattress has highly accurate sleep-monitoring tech packed imperceptibly into its feathery cushion. On top of that, the temperature on either side can be personalized, and a smart alarm wakes you up at the perfect time according to your sleep. If you don’t need the mattress but still want the sleep-monitoring tech, you can buy the smart cushion separately for any size bed. $950+


The Startup Taking On the $37 Billion Vitamin Industry

You and your neighbor might live on the same block, shop at the same farmers market, watch Survivor on Wednesdays. But you’re different people, with different bodies and different needs. Your neighbor has a heart condition; you don’t. So why would you both take the same multivitamins?

Meet Care/of, a new company, founded by Craig Elbert and Akash Shah, that specializes in bespoke supplements catered to the individual. New users are led through an online questionnaire that covers their history, diet, lifestyle and health goals. The answers are then run through an algorithm that measures them against years of peer-reviewed research, resulting in a unique cocktail of vitamins, minerals, herbals and probiotics, shipped right to your door, all about $1 to $2 a day.



Far from their reputation as a polarizing pizza topping, sardines are actually a great source of protein, packed with Omega-3s and completely devoid of carbs. Jose Gourmet Sardines are a great way to enjoy this overlooked snack. They arrive in handsome packaging with custom artwork on the cover, and come in several different flavors, including smoked, soaked in olive oil with lemon, and our favorite, spicy with piri-piri pepper.


Microsoft’s First All-in-One Desktop

Microsoft is expanding its Surface line of laptops and tablets. The company announced its first-ever all-in-one desktop, the Surface Studio, which is undoubtedly meant to disrupt a market recently dominated by the likes of HP, Apple and Dell.

The Surface Studio, powered by Windows 10, features a 28-inch, 12.5mm thin PixelSense touchscreen display — the thinnest LCD monitor ever. And it’s beautiful. The display uses 13.5 million pixels, which amounts to 192 PPI, or 63 percent more than a 4K TV.

Other specs include a powerful Intel Core processor, 32GB of RAM, a 2TB hard drive and integrated 2.1 speakers. Also, its hinge can be adjusted down to a 20-degree angle — “nearly flat” — so users will have a better experience drawing with a stylus and, come Spring 2017, creating 3D content with the Windows 10 Creators Update.

Planet Earth II

Clearly, anyone with some semblance of a soul remembers the groundbreaking mini-series released over a decade ago displaying our magnificent planet in ways never seen before. Well, 10 years and a handful of iPhone iterations later, BBC One is back in action with Planet Earth II, ready to wow Earth’s most advanced inhabitants from the safety of their living rooms.

This installment of the series was filmed over three years across the globe with the very latest in technology, allowing Attenborough and the Natural History Unit to uncover and witness stories about our natural world for the first time. Their adventures take them everywhere from the equatorial jungles to arid deserts to mountain peaks and low-lying swamps and grasslands to even cities. Yes, the city can be considered an ecosystem as well. It’s broken down into six, hour-long episodes, all shot in 4K, and scheduled to begin airing on BBC later this month.



The Sriracha in question here is Weak Knees by Bushwick Kitchen. Handmade by the mustached-adorning youth of Brooklyn, each bottle pairs the iconic sweet and spicy chili flavors of classic Sriracha with the complex fermented profile of gochujang chili paste. It’s called Weak Knees for a reason – because it’s unlike any Sriracha you’ve ever tasted. Dab up a breakfast sandwich, douse a charbroiled hamburger, or spice up that casserole for a more exciting dinner. It’s the hot sauce that doesn’t discriminate, no matter what time of day. Bushwick Kitchen also offers additional honey and maple syrup options for the interested palate as well. Available now for $10.


Lovefone – repair shop in a phonebox

Mobile handset and tablet repair company Lovefone is repurposing some of London’s famous red phone boxes as micro workshops. The first repair shop opened recently in Greenwich. With just enough space for a single repair person, the retrofit includes a workbench and storage cupboards for parts and tools.

Harking back to the phone boxes’ public purpose, the repair shops also provide free charging docks. Lovefone is leasing the structures from the Red Kiosk Company and plans to open six workshops in Greenwich and Knightsbridge. Additional spaces will then be opened elsewhere in the city. Continue reading