Must Movie and TV Recommendation App

Dig around Netflix for an hour, give up, settle on something subpar, and then start again. That’s how it usually goes. Often there’s just nothing good to watch, or there’s simply too much to choose from. Here’s an app that rolls all your must-watch movies and TV shows and trailers into one place — no more tough decisions to be made on movie night. Must App.

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Tesla’s solar roof solution

Tesla CEO, SolarCity chairman and general billionaire tycoon Elon Musk wants to see every rooftop go solar, but in a way that you don’t see where the roof ends and the solar panels start. At an event in California on Friday evening, Musk unveiled a handful of new types of roofing tiles that also double as solar panels. Continue reading

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YouTube Launches ‘End Screens’ Feature

At the end of videos on most YouTube channels, content creators usually try to link users to their other videos. Sometimes these videos might be other videos that are similar in nature, or they might be the previously released video. This is done to help keep users on their channel and to increase viewer count, which in turn also affects their revenue.

However it looks like soon content creators won’t have to bother as YouTube could do it for them. The company has recently announced that they will be introducing the “End Screens” feature to all content creators. Prior to this, the feature was only limited to a handful of creators for testing purposes, but now YouTube has made it available to all.

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Now All The Other Brands Are Also Dropping The Headphone Jack

Earlier last month Apple unveiled its new flagship smartphone, the iPhone 7. While not ground-breaking in terms of new features, and very similar in terms of exterior design, Apple still made enough changes to the device, especially in terms of hardware, to make it worth the upgrade for many. One of the biggest news has been the fact that Apple dropped the headphone jack with its new iPhone 7.
Today the USB Implementers Forum published its long-expected Audio Device Class 3.0 specification, which gives smartphone makers the standard they need to push sound through USB-C ports on all their devices. What does that mean? Well, it means that they will also not need a headphone jack anymore in the future. Once again it looks like Apple was slightly ahead of the curve here and what may seem strange today, might actually end up being the norm tomorrow. It remains to be seen how many smartphone and device makers will adopt the new standard and how fast.


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Asus’ Republic of Gamers has been building bleeding-edge gaming PC components for 10 years now. To celebrate the occasion, they’ve completely rethought the relationship between the motherboard and case. The Asus Rog Avalon Gaming PC is the result. This concept rig has separate boards for the SSD, PSU, and graphics, giving you the ability to swap components with plug-and-play ease. Each component is accessible through the front of the case, and the motherboard is based on a Z170 chipset with modular rear I/O for maximum customizability.

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There’s no disputing the desire for analog formats by audiophiles around the globe today. New record labels are emerging, and there’s no shortage of turntables on the market, both brand new brands and those of yesteryear enjoying the resurgence. But Reel to Reel? By all accounts it’s coming back too.

Munich’s HighEnd Show for 2016 was just one example. While this writer’s first Munich experience, I can’t compare to years gone by. But there was no doubt that the rooms and HeadFi stations running Reel to Reel machines were popular. So popular in fact, punters were queuing up to listen.

Finding a good machine today can be challenging. Servicing, restoring and maintaining them is almost a dying art, or at least, those that could perform such a service are now well into retirement. Auction sites and classifieds are the best resource here.

Perhaps one of the most famous names in reel to reel, Revox, have earlier this month announced their plans to produce a brand new R2R machine for 2017. Continue reading

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Combatting counterfeiters with RFID

The idea of using technology to fight the knock-off industry appears to be gaining traction in the fashion and luxury sector. After Ferragamo’s announcement that they will use inimitable micriochips to thwart counterfeiters, comes a new claim from Moncler that they will equip their clothing with radio frequency identification (RFID) chips to help customers identify original Moncler apparel and avoid fakes. The French-Italian brand will introduce the technology in their spring-summer 2016 collection. Customers can scan the radio tags and QR codes on the garments using a smartphone app to cross check their wares before purchasing.

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Built by Napster cofounder and former Facebook prez Sean Parker, Screening Room is reportedly a set top box and service that aims to bring new movies into your house the same day they hit theaters. The box is rumored to cost $150, and the movies themselves will be $50, with $20 going to the theaters, partially to cover the two real-world tickets that come with each one. It’s still in the early stages, but it already has the backing of guys like Steven Spielberg, J.J. Abrams, Peter Jackson, Martin Scorsese, and Ron Howard, as well of the interest of studios like Universal, Fox, and Sony, so it’s also likely going to happen — and soon.

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Hero Pill Dispenser

In some distant future, machines and computers will monitor medicine intake and automatically distribute necessary pills to us each day. Right? Well, no. The future is now: load up your meds and vitamins and tell Hero the dosage, and the little guy will remind you to take them and pop out exactly what you need, no “day of the month” plastic things necessary. $399

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Project R2R building new reel-to-reel tape machine

There’s no doubt that digital music formats offer a convenient way to listen to lots of music on the move. Factor in on-demand streaming services and you don’t even have to worry about running out of storage space on your portable device. But even though digitized music reigns supreme, demand for analog formats like vinyl is on the rise, with US sales in 2015 up 30 percent on the previous year. Austria’s Horch House says that when it comes to analog, you can’t beat reel-to-reel tape and has announced its intention to develop a new consumer reel-to-reel player. Continue reading