Privacy Virtual Credit Card App

When you use one credit card for all online purchases, you are much more vulnerable to fraudsters. All it takes is one security breach of one merchant’s online system, and that credit card must be canceled, deleted and cut into pieces. Privacy prevents this hassle by creating a virtual Visa card for nearly every online merchant you purchase from. The virtual cards can be closed and controlled with just a few swipes and taps. And you can even purchase goods under a fake name.

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Jaguar and Shell team up for the world’s first in-car payment system

Imagine zooming to a gas station in your Jaguar, filling up your tank and taking right off without any hassles of paying for that fuel. Sounds heavenly? Well this may soon become your reality if own a Jaguar XE, XF, or F-Pace in the United Kingdom, as the automobile giant has recently joined hands with Shell for an innovative gas-payment system. The one-of-its-kind in-car payment system requires users to install the Shell app, that can be operated via the car’s touchscreen for payments. All you need to do is, select the amount of full you need and make the payment via PayPal, Apple Pay or Android Pay (to be introduced later). Further, the app also generates a receipt for your payment on the display itself, and forwards along a copy to your registered email address. The in-car initiative is commenced by the brand to offer an extended degree of convenience to its clientele, especially in situations where they forget to carry their wallets or simply do not wish to step out. Continue reading

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Making private videos with your lover isn’t unusual. Nor is it unusual for your phone to be the most convenient recording device around. Rumuki is a brilliant app that removes all kinds of potential concerns and lets you get down to having fun. First of all, you need to pair it with a copy of the app running on your partner’s phone. Record away. When it’s time to play it back, you both have to agree to it, and should one party delete their key, it’s gone forever. So whether you’re worried about being hacked or an ex posting your private bits online, you’re covered. I know someone who should get it now!!!

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Most dating apps look for things you and potential mates both like. Hater is a new dating app that takes the opposite approach, basing your raw matches on lists of things you both hate, from important topics like politics to simple annoyances like social etiquette and fashion. Like Tinder, you’ll still get to anonymously swipe left or right on potential matches, but unlike Tinder, you’ll have a built-in list of things to bitch about together if/when you finally meet face-to-face.

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Robo 3D Printer

Robo 3D Printer is a new add-on to one of the most recent and exciting high-tech segments out there. It’s amazing that just a few years ago 3D printing was just something to dream about but nowadays anyone can get a printer and start to materialize whatever imagination lets you. There are some cool features on this compact 3D printer such as: a very reasonable printing area, an ultra fast setup, loads of choices for materials and colors, plus an app that will enable you to get in full control and customize a number of options. The sleek 3D Printer is also very easy to operate and there’s even a community of users that will let you share ideas or pick some brains to get fresh ones too. So if you´re thinking of getting one, don’t have much cash or room but still need high-performance, this tech award winner is the way to go. It comes in two sizes, the C2 (currently available) and the larger R2 (available now for pre-order and expected in mid-end of March). $699


AIRHELP or How to Get Reimbursed for a Delayed Flight

With a whopping 45.2 million passengers expected to travel by air this holiday season, unforeseen setbacks are likely. But this time around, don’t settle for a $10 meal voucher if you’re hit with a flight delay.

AirHelp fights to earn compensation for customers hampered by delayed, canceled or overbooked flights. So long as the hindrance is not the result of extraordinary circumstances (e.g. severe weather or labor strikes), airlines are obligated to provide recompense for delayed or canceled flights — up to $560 for flights delayed 1–2 hours, or $1,300 for delays greater than 2 hours.

By consulting a database of flight information, court judgments and existing laws, AirHelp determines whether a delay is eligible for compensation and files a claim accordingly. If the airline refuses to comply, AirHelp takes the case to court. And while AirHelp takes a 25 percent cut for successful reimbursements, it’s a fair price to pay considering you’d receive nothing otherwise.

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Amazon is once again upgrading your life by making grocery shopping slightly less terrible. With the new Amazon Go, the e-commercer giant has created a brick and mortar store with no checkouts and no lines. Just enter with their app and grab everything you need — the app will track everything you pick up and put back. Once you’re done, simply walk out and all of your items will be charged to your Amazon account. The supermarket of the future is not too far away, with the first store opening in Seattle in early 2017.

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RNI Colibri Photo Editing App

There are a gazillion photo-editing apps. Many of them do the exact same thing, but with different names and logos and interfaces. But how many make creating beautiful photos as simple as pressing a button? That’s what sets Colibri apart from the rest: film-quality filters and color boosts applied using advanced algorithms to determine the perfect balance for each photo. $1

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Your phone’s browser most likely has a “private” mode built in, but a lot of times it doesn’t do enough to completely protect your privacy. That’s where Firefox Focus comes in. Backed by Mozilla, it automatically blocks a wide range of tracking tools, keeping you from being followed by advertisers and potentially unsavory suspects. It makes it extremely easy to erase your history, passwords, and cookies, and since many of the trackers it blocks are advertising-related, it might just speed up your browsing experience while cutting your data usage.

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Outdoor security cams can certainly help give you piece of mind, but they’re traditionally stuck facing the same way, while something nefarious could be happening right around the corner. The Sunflower Drone Security System aims to fix this. It starts with a set of sensor-laden garden lights. They’re powered by a solar panel on top, have 360-degree motion sensors and separate vibration sensors to alert you to footsteps, and can scare away potential intruders with both their light and audible warnings. And thanks to the drone-based camera, you can get footage of the scene from nearly any angle, allowing you to cover your whole yard in surveillance, instead of just a corner.

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