If you’re serious about skiing, you know how important the right pair of skis is for your next trip down a Black Diamond slope. Wagner Custom Skis are made to line up with your exact skiing needs, using an algorithm that takes into account height, weight, and ski preferences from a consultation. They take that information and choose the best materials to produce your skis, which typically are finished in two to three weeks. Then, they use a design-and-build process that blends 21st-century technology with old-world craftsmanship. The result is the best pair of skis you’ve ever had, with improved balance, comfort, control, power, and efficiency. $1.750

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Usually when we talk about of kicking up a bunch of dust and ripping through gravel trails, we’re referring to big off-roading trucks or motorcycles. That isn’t the case here with the Velocifero MAD electric scooter.

Don’t let the size of this thing throw you off. It may be small, but with its big 145/70-6 tires, optional 1600 watt motor, and front and rear shocks – it is built to thrive on rugged dirt trails. Aside from its pure capability as a small electric off-roading scooter, what really recommends the Velocifero MAD is how customizable it is. Buyers can choose engines ranging from 500 to 1600 watts, and can even pick between a lead-acid or a lithium ion batteries. With the latter, riders have a range of up to 20 miles, and when paired with the 1600 watt motor – a top speed of over 25 miles per hour. Not bad for a little scooter. Not bad at all. Prices start at $700

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Pirelli Design x Blossom High Performance Rubber Ski

New from the world of winter sports are these skis from Pirelli and Blossom. The collaboration utilizes a Pirelli rubber compound sandwiched into the ski construction to help reduce vibration and ski chatter. To be fair, this isn’t the first time that this has been done — Revision has been using a similar technique for the past few years. But the skis look sleek and design-forward and are sure to turn heads out on the slopes.

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Out of Germany comes a bike workshop by the name of Kaffee Maschine that appears to have nailed down their very own version of the Italian Moto Guzzi, which is always pleasing to the world of custom motorcycles. It’s a striking build, to say the least, and is based upon the iconic “Le Mans MKIII” but with a bit of a personal touch.

What pops immediately off this bike is the striking Jaguar-blue paint job along with the handmade brown leather seat. They also outfitted the 1064cc V-twin with bigger valves, ported heads, and a new camshaft to up the power a tad. An electronic ignition system and a pair of 40mm carbonators are now fitted to the matte black exhaust pipe as well. The dash also hosts an aftermarket Motogadget speedo, and brown leather grips with turn signals attached at the ends offer an even more vintage look. The Moto Guzzi also rides atop a set of Bridgestone Battlax tires and boast a whole new brake system for a touch of enhanced safety. Quite the beauty no doubt. Continue reading

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When it comes to sporty superbikes, Ducati typically takes the cake in terms of accessibility and quality. Take the 848 Evo for instance. It’s obviously a road-ready beast with upwards of 140 horsepower behind the throttle and does its due diligence looking the part as well. So when Austrian-based National Custom Tech Motorcycles (NCT) released this sport-infused cafe racer, we knew it was love at first sight.

Built strictly for their own enjoyment, this Ducati Evo acts as a true testament to what NCT is capable of in the world of custom bikes. Initially, they stripped the bike down to the bare essentials and got started with a new subframe. It now features a hand-made aluminum tail with leather upholstery and a LED taillight, carbon fiber fenders and side covers, newly-installed Ohlins suspension at the front and rear, a new exhaust system featuring an Akrapovic silencer, and wheels now held within Diablo Supercorsa SC2 tires. Finish her off with an olive green paint job and black powder coating on the trellis frame and wheels and you have a race-ready cafe racer suited for the street. Continue reading

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Morgan electric EV3 Junior

At the start of this decade, the UK’s Morgan Motor Company announced that its cult classic – the Threewheeler – was to be relaunched. At the 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed, the company revealed an electric three-wheel follow up in the shape of the EV3 prototype, which officially joined the company’s portfolio last year. Now the brand is taking aim at future Morgan drivers with the EV3 Junior. Continue reading

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Bicycle Brake Light

The clever Fabric FLR30 Light packs a lot of safety innovation into a small package. The 30-lumen taillight makes clever use of an incorporated accelerometer to increase brightness as speed falls. The result is a dual-purpose light that alerts traffic when you intend to slow down or stop in order to get drivers´ attention and making sure they see you. The R30 is compact, reliable, USB-rechargeable, and burns for between eight and 12 hours depending on the setting. It is also designed to be mounted in multiple positions. $38   

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One of only 114 “Otto Vu”s ever built and one of only 15 to receive coachwork from Giovanni Savonuzzi at Ghia, this 1953 Fiat 8V Supersonic is exceedingly rare — and exceedingly gorgeous. Under the hood lies an example of the only overhead-valve V-8 that Fiat ever made, completely rebuilt to original specifications during an exhaustive 8-year restoration that also saw the transmission rebuilt, the bodywork smoothed out, the brightwork re-chromed, and the dashboard instruments and gauges restored. It was last sold for $1.8 Million to esteemed collector Orin Smith, so you rest assured it’ll be Concours-ready when it pulls into your garage. Continue reading

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Started in San Francisco around 2007, Alta Motors has already carved a spot out for themselves as both capable bike designers and technological innovators with their Motocross and Supermoto model bikes. That, however, has not stopped them from continuing to work on platforms for their all-electric motorcycle engines. In fact, they plan to release a concept at this year’s The One Moto Show – in Portland, Oregon – that could become their third production model. It’s called the Redshift ST.

Though they haven’t revealed any information about the performance or battery capabilities of this bike, we do know a few notable facts. For starters, ST stands for Street Tracker, meaning that this bike is to be a road-legal version of a flat track motorcycle. It’s also fitted with a lowered WP suspension that brings the seat down to 31.5 inches – making this bike more friendly to a wider range of rider heights. Lastly, it’s equipped with dual 19-inch rubber-wrapped BSR carbon fiber wheels, which serve to polish off the bike’s overall flat track style. Expect to hear more about power and price once the bike is revealed, but you can keep an eye on their site until then.

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One of the best things about cycling is how widely varied the sport can be. Even on the same route and in the same conditions – one bike can give you a completely different kind of ride and feel than another. The kind of feel SpeedX wants to give you with their brand new Unicorn Smart road bike? An incredibly powerful one.

SpeedX looks to achieve just that by integrating their 870 gram carbon fiber frame with a proprietary integrated bike computer, Zipp wheels, and wireless SRAM eTap Hydro HC groupset. The result of a year of research and development, this frame is made up of 4 different types of carbon fiber that have been layered differently for each part of the bike. This allows for a ride this is both stiff, but flexible when you need it most. And thanks to the fact that the crank features a powered meter that lasts for up to 400 hours and delivers nearly perfectly accurate measurements right back up to the computer in the cockpit. All of this means that you can climb, sprint, and descend with both speed and control. this bike is expected to retail for $4,000.

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