Sigma Art Lenses

Well… that’s about it. Sigma’s finally rounded out their fantastic “Art” series of lenses with a 24-70 f/2.8, a 14 f/1.8 and a 135 f/1.8. The series that began in 2012 with a world-shaking 35mm f/1.4 and now includes every lens most photographers could want is proof that great lenses didn’t have to come from the Nikon and Canon (just look at what people are saying about the new 85). If the past is any indication, these will be just as great.

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Snap Inc.’s Spectacles Are Now Available for Anyone to Buy Online

If you want one of Snap Inc.’s Spectacles, you no longer have to find a randomly located Snapbot and then stand in line to buy one of the elusive $130 gadgets. Starting today, you can purchase them on Spectacles.com.

Following the ecommerce launch, the company’s pop-up store in New York City will close down in a development that’s been expected since January. But Snapbots—the high-tech vending machines that had been the only place to buy Spectacles—will continue to appear in locations around the U.S. following a brief break.

Snap, which owns the popular app Snapchat, first revealed Spectacles at a private event in early September 2016. The devices first went on sale last Nov. 10 via a few Snapbots that toured the country.

Spectacles are souped-up sunglasses that record video, via an integrated camera, from the wearer’s eye-level perspective. Users can then upload 10-second video clips to the Snapchat platform via a smartphone synced through Bluetooth or WiFi.



If you aren’t concerned about your privacy online, then you haven’t been paying attention to the news. But figuring out how to protect yourself without going off the grid isn’t easy. Flter Secure Router is an option to help give you peace of mind no matter what device you’re using. It provides VPN protection, malicious ad blocking, and Tor anonymity, and sits between your modem and router, so you don’t have to install extra software. You also get full peer to peer support, unlimited bandwidth, and can operate Flter entirely from the app or web interface. $90

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Nifty Battery Pack Charges Your Smartphone Six Times Faster

476bd5ceba2e0ee610f585e24c9d729b9cf87126_main_hero_imageWith the arrival of USB-C, it’s finally possible to charge your devices faster than ever before. The pocket-friendly Nifty C PowerPod Battery Pack takes full advantage of the technology, supercharging USB devices new and old wherever you go. Utilizing Qualcomm 2.0 Fast Charging technology, the PowerPod is able to deliver power at unprecedented speed. For instance, the iPhone 7 charges 4.5 times faster when connected to this battery. And as all Apple enthusiasts know, the latest Macbook Pro will charge up via USB-C with no AC outlet in sight, making the Nifty extremely convenient on long trips. Aside from speed and versatility, the battery squeezes an impressive 10,000mAh into a very compact design perfect for travel. $50

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Caavo Streaming Services in One Device

In the early days of streaming (which feels like an ancient way to talk about modern technology), if you had something that could access Netflix, you could watch almost every movie or show ever made. Now, with Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, premium cable channels, Crackle, and dozens of devices that will stream them, your entertainment center is probably overflowing with wires, remotes, and little black boxes that promised streaming miracles. It’s complicated, is what we’re saying.
Caavo is an upcoming product that promises a seamless joining of all your services and devices, controlled by a universal remote with voice capabilities. Its 8 HDMI inputs combine into one output and Caavo remembers shows you’ve been watching, what service you’ve been watching them on, and what device you’ve been using to stream. Caavo’s not just for streaming either. You can hook any game console into it and retain full controller support for your console. A lot of devices have promised the kind of simplicity Caavo does, but it seems like this may finally be the one to simplify your streaming. $399

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iClever Portable Car Jump Starter

Like a handheld backup power bank, but for dead engines. It holds enough juice for 30 jump starts, has a built-in flashlight and is no bigger than an iPhone. Stash it in your trunk with your other emergency essentials. $65

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The Dual Pour Lets You Split Your Beer This Valentine’s Day

Minneapolis-based brewer Grain Belt has developed a new accessory just in time for Valentine’s Day that will allow you to equally split your beer between two glasses. Developed by Ad agency Colle+McVoy, the Grain Belt Dual Pour is a 3d-printed can topper with dual vents and dual diamond pour spouts designed to fairly and equitably split one beer between two people. There’s no better way to show that special someone that you actually care than by sharing your Grain Belt, pils, IPA, stout, whale, etc. with them on V-Day. As the brand puts it, “nothing says ‘I love you’ or ‘you are my sun, my moon and all my stars’ like half your beer.” The Grain Belt Dual Pour is available on Shapeways for printing right now, but you’re going to have to get creative if you want one in time for Valentine’s Day. $13


Back to the 60’s Moccamaster

Moccamaster is a stylish coffee maker that will enable you to get your coffee blend to a whole new level. This handmade machine brews a pot of 10 cups in a dazzling 6 minutes with full flavor ensured. With Moccamaster the water is evenly dispersed through a 9 hole system over the whole coffee, unlike single drip machines, this allows you to get maximum flavor and use of the coffee powder. You also get a special metal plate that distributes heat and maintains your brew hot enough for some time, and the auto shut off system ensures there’ll be no problems should you forget to turn it off. Available in 12 different colors to best fit the decor of your home or office. € 169



We have been using Moment snap-on attachments for the iPhone that turn your ordinary stock camera into a high-quality DSLR lens for a while now. The concept took off with a vengeance, raising millions of dollars in the process before the products release into market. Now, they’re back with a battery case for the iPhone that is compatible with the Moments lens, providing extra juice – and time – to get the shot just right.

Aptly named the Battery Photo Case, it’s about the same size as the well-known Mophie Juice Pack though Moment’s version doubles the phone’s battery life. It’s possible thanks to the 2,500mAh battery cell inside the piece for the iPhone 7. However, the case for the iPhone 7 Plus gets even beefier with a 3,500mAh battery slip on. The case also works with the iPhone’s dual lens setup with two mounting slots on the case for simplified adjustability. The Battery Photo Case is also compatible with Moment’s macro, fisheye, wide-angle, and telephoto lenses. It’s currently available for reservation on Kickstarter and is slated to retail for $100.

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5.11 Double Duty Tactical 1.5 Pen

While the 5.11 Double Duty Tactical 1.5 Pen doesn’t open handcuffs or feature an integrated flashlight, it makes for one heck of a last ditch self defense weapon should you drop your knife or run out of bullets. The Double Duty 1.5 tactical pen features a machined aerospace grade aluminum construction with a matte black finish, a knurled grip for better handling while taking notes, and a sharp, pointed end for impaling your would-be attacker. $60

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