Autodromo’s Stradale

Inspired by dashboard instruments from the Italian sports cars of the late 1950s and early 1960s, Autodromo’s Stradale is one really good looking watch. This new version of the Stradale is an accurate timepiece that also benefits from being incredibly well designed and easy on the eyes. It marries a Miyota 9015 automatic 24 jewel movement to a multi-layered dial design and features hour indexes on a transparent glass ring that floats over the white dial below. All that sweet motoring inspiration attaches easily to your wrist with a custom designed leather strap that feels like it came out of a sports car’s interior. $ 875

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Looks like Nike’s acquisition of Converse continues to pay off as Converse is now offering interested users the option to build their own Converse shoes from scratch. It’s the ultimate bonus to the fanbase since their resurgence in popularity over the past several years have depleted buyers of the brand’s unique street value.

Now through the Nike online store, you can build out a personalized design from Converse’s most iconic base models: i.e. the Highs, Lows, and Slips. Just like the beloved NikeID program, it will allow you to address all aspects of the shoe from the tongue to the sidewall to the outside body to the stitch and even the laces. The shoe is your oyster and Nike is offering fans of the brand the opportunities to let their freak flags fly so-to-speak in these designs. Pick your colors, adjust the details, and even add your name to the shoe. The sky’s the limit in this regard, or rather, however high you can jump. Priced at $75.

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Has the New Abercrombie & Fitch Really Changed?

It was only a few years ago everyone from trade magazines to business publications were lamenting (some were crowing with delight) about the demise of the the big teenage retailers, or the “Three A’s,” as some referred to them. Millennials watched in fascination as the once dominant retailers of childhood — Aeropostale, American Eagle and Abercrombie & Fitch — descended further into a tangled slough of blustering attempts to interpret the changing taste of a new breed of teenagers. Continue reading


Fendi Celebrates 90 Years of Fashion

Fashionable bookworms take note: Fendi is releasing a new book to celebrate their 90th anniversary. The 272-page tome, titled Fendi Roma, will take readers on a journey through the Italian house’s rich history, from its humble beginnings as a fur and leather shop to its international status as fashion mainstay. Over 300 illustrations and photos will fill the pages, which will include images of the five Fendi sisters, early sketches from Karl Lagerfeld and snaps from the label’s first campaigns.
Rather than follow the maison’s chronological story, Fendi Roma will be broken down into five chapters, each focusing on a specific aspect of the label. Rome: Eternal Inspirations, will focus on the connection between the brand and its native city; Creativity: Experimentation and Innovation, will showcase Fendi’s sartorial conceptions and trends over the years; Femininity: A Fashionable Force, will explain the inspiration and drive of the house; Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, will discuss the evolution of the label, and A Family Affair, will be dedicated to the history of the Fendi family.
Fendi Roma will come in a hardcover black canvas case with a slipcase box. The book will be available at Assouline and select boutiques starting this September. $195


Honda x JackThreads HT3 Sneaker

A car brand might not be the most likely partner for a shoe collaboration, to say the least. But when you’re behind the wheel for hours at a time, it pays to have comfortable footwear on — and if it’s footwear that just might be inspired by the car you’re driving, that fits the bill even better.
E-commerce retailer JackThreads partnered with lifestyle site Thrillist and Honda on a unique driving sneaker that’s inspired by the 2016 Honda Civic (a concept that the Thrillist team dreamed up). The shoe is meant to reflect the redesigned car through a futuristic, fashion-forward silhouette that features metallic accents, premium suede and quilted leather detailing. Articulated nodes even wrap around the driver (or wearer’s) ankle for extra support, and a neoprene vamp fits over the top of the foot. A suede shroud also covers the laces themselves, ensuring clean lines throughout. The red-and-black sneakers are super-sleek and sporty, and they’d look right at home under slim black sweatpants or black denim for weekend explorations on foot, or long drives on the road. – $100


High-End Hunting Apparel Is Killing It With Hipsters and Baby Boomers

Hunting: It’s not just for the Duck Dynasty set anymore. The activity so often associated with rural America is increasingly being marketed as an adventure sport, with more consumers signing up for “luxury” hunting trips and buying high-end gear and apparel.
Also driving the trend is the rise of the so-called “hipster hunter”—that urbanite who’s into the locavore/farm-to-table movement seeking to kill his or her own food and signing up in droves for butchering courses in New York and San Francisco.
“The free-range/organic movement fits hunting and butchering your own animal to the fifth degree,” said Jason Hairston, who founded upscale hunting apparel company Kuiu five years ago.
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The latest James Bond film, Spectre, finds 007 donning these iconic Vuarnet Glacier Spectre Sunglasses to ward off glare and reflections during a trek through the mountains. Ideal for such an adventure, or possibly a day on the slopes skiing or snowboarding, the Glacier features a polarizing film that blocks out light reflection, mineral lenses for unparalleled optical quality, and a silver bi-shaded mirror to protect from the sun. Inspired by frames worn by 1930s airline pilots and preferred by most notorious intelligence agent of all time. $540

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The iPod, the iPhone, the iPad. And now the Apple Watch. An apple a day keep several things away and today this is a more essential product than even blue jeans … something its founder was a loyalist to. While the next techno gadget is waiting to swallow mankind the market is getting busy with styling it in the best manner for its discernible clientele. Hermès might have had a rough year, but here is how they are going to try and bring back some of the business. they lost, and some more profitable digits. The Apple Watch Hermès comes in stainless steel with leather bands in a host of fun, vibrant colours. Three styles are available – Single Tour, Double Tour and Cuff.

The Single Tour costs $1,150, Double Tour is $1,250 and Cuff costs $1,500. It will be available at select Apple retail stores, select Hermès stores, specialty stores and department stores from October 5.


Evian Alexander Wang On Limited Edition Bottle

French water brand evian has worked with numerous high profile designers over the years on limited edition versions of its glass bottle. From Kenzo, Issey Miyake, to Paul Smith and Jean-Paul Gaultier, the list is long. For 2015 the French brand has announced a collaboration with none other than New York designer Alexander Wang, marking the overall 9th partnership in the series. The timing could not be better, as Wang is celebrating his 10th anniversary this year. Wang’s design features two contrasting bottles with the brand’s barcode logo, one in black and one in white. Look out for the evian x Alexander Wang bottles to arrive with select retailers in the coming weeks.


Yeezy Boost 350 ‘Black’

The new Kanye West-designed sneaker comes with a black seamless fabric upper, thick rope laces in black, and a matching pitch black outer sole. The only contrasting color is a hint of red stitching on the heel tab of the sneaker. Good luck getting your hands on the new adidas Originals Yeezy Boost 350 ‘Black’ next week.

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