Letto Dog Bed

Designed by Belgian interior and product designer Gerd Couckhuyt for international pet brand MiaCara (Italian for “my darling or “my dear”), the Letto dayBed is the perfect perch for your pooch. The form is simple enough: sturdy aluminum body with raised side panels and a raised rear that give Fido a sense of security while also preventing his or her favorite toy from falling out if they decide to bring it with them. The powder-coated aluminum body is available bare or with a natural wood veneer and sits atop natural ash wood feet that ooze fifties style. No bed would be complete without a mattress, and the Letto dayBed has a foam / polyester wadding and 100% Trevira CS fabric composition that’s comfortable for the dog while also being easy to clean and machine washable. It’s pricey, but the handmade dog bed is the only thing stylish enough to look proper sitting in a study or living room next to an Eames chair. €900

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Inspired by a couple’s love for their canine companions, the 360 House allows for undisrupted views of their Alaskan malamute pups. The circular villa is supported by a continuous glazed wall, providing constant visuals on the outdoors and the dogs. An overhang runs around the entirety of the exterior, lending shelter from both the rain and the sun. At the front of the home, the bedroom and kitchen are sunken below the garden for eye-to-eye interaction with their exterior roommates, while also creating a private barrier between the interior and the adjacent street. 123DV Continue reading

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Tanner Goods Tekio Modular Shelving System

Tanner Goods is quickly becoming the be-all-end-all men’s lifestyle shop. It seems they sell (and make) just about everything, and all of it is stunning. Now they’ve created a modular shelving system, built with three things in mind: adaptability, intuition and longevity. The company claims (and hopes) you’ll be able to use it forever, no matter how many cities you relocate to or how drastically your decor style evolves. $800

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Seiko Is re-Making Steve Job’s watch

Last year, an anonymous-looking quartz Seiko from the ’80s — the kind of watch you’d normally find on eBay or at a yard sale for about $25 — sold at auction for over $42,000. Why? It was Steve Jobs’ very own watch, worn in the iconic Norman Seeff portrait later used on the cover of Time. Now, Seiko is partnering up with Japanese fashion retailer Nano Universe to bring the watch back as a limited edition. There’s only one problem: you can only buy it in Japan.

The modern iteration is very faithful to the original. The watch is still powered by quartz, and the minimalist dial and hand design are nearly identical to Jobs’, as is the black stainless steel case. The watch comes available in two dial colors: white (the color worn by Jobs) and black. It’s a scant 6.6mm thick and comes in two case diameters: 33mm (the same as the original) and a more modern 37.5mm, for those who aren’t into tiny timepieces. Both sizes of the white-dialed watch will receive a limited production of 1,982 pieces each, while both black variants will only come in runs of 300 each.

As with any Seiko, the price is pretty damn reasonable — 20,000 yen, or around $180. That, however, doesn’t include your ticket to Tokyo to buy it. The watch goes on sale March 10, though don’t expect it to be around long.

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Fluttua Suspended Bed

The Fluttua Suspended Bed was designed specially for you if you’re aiming to reach minimal decor objectives. This interesting bed is supported only by a central column and a special and super strong anchorage structure that fixes onto the wall. So you get free space under your mattress and the illusion that the bed is floating in the middle of your room. You may choose to leave it empty to get that “wow” look or just get some storage boxes for organizing stuff under the bed. Designer Daniele Lago created this so it would harbor standard size mattresses of 160x200cm, with the central column being adjustable in height to best suit your needs. The lighting system that´s fitted underneath gives it that arty look that makes you think you´re hovering on a cloud. With several colors you may choose for its structure, it will surely give your bedroom a whole new dreamy feel.    Continue reading

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Created by architect Magnus Ström and meant to provide superyacht-level luxury on land, the Superhouse is a highly customized, highly limited accommodation. Each one will be tailored to the needs of the owner, taking into account both their personal style and the home’s location, be it on a beach near their yacht or a city penthouse. Consultants and partners will be brought in to provide bespoke furnishings, storage systems, and lighting, and each home will have its serial number discreetly hidden in the facade, letting other super-rich houseguests know exactly when you got in line. Limited to just 30 worldwide. Continue reading

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McDonald’s Reinvents The Drinking Straw

The drinking straw is about as low-tech as it gets. It’s a hollowed out tube that lets people suck liquid through it. Simple. Some can bend, some are “crazy” straws, others have a tiny scoop at the end, but they’re pretty much the same thing.
Well as part of a marketing campaign, McDonald’s decided that the straw should be re-engineered, so they got a team of robotic and aerospace engineers to reinvent the straw. It is part of a marketing move for McDonald’s new Chocolate Shamrock Shake, where the straw has been redesigned as a means to solve a “problem”. And it does.
The Chocolate Shamrock Shake is a chocolate milkshake mixed with a Shamrock shake. Instead of waiting for the drink to melt so that you can mix the flavors, the straw actually comes with two holes, so you can suck up the shamrock shake and chocolate shake at the same time.

This is more complex than it seems. It actually required some pretty complex computational fluid dynamics simulations to get the flow right. So this is no ordinary straw. No plain old tube to suck through. The straw will be limited in quantity to certain locations this month.

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Minimod Portable Shelter

The Minimod is a primitive refuge with a modern twist. The Minimod system is composed of modules identical in size but with different functions and purposes to create infinite solutions, limited only by your imagination. Each module measures 27 sq m (290 sq ft), and comprises a lightweight steel frame enclosed by plywood and glass. Each customer can tailor the home to suit their own needs, choose the layout and envision various configurations according to the desired comfort.  Some furniture is included as standard, such as air-conditioning, wardrobe mini fridge, and mini-oven. Lighting is provided by efficient LED bulbs. Each unit will be prefabricated in a factory with a build time of around 45 days, before being transported via truck and placed into position by crane. Its also raised on stilts to avoid ground moisture. An incredibly simple solution for how to efficiently build a dwelling in the middle of a rugged natural environment.    Continue reading

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Bunk Box DIY Tiny House

“Industrial chic meets natural warmth.” One of the biggest trends sweeping the nation is also one of the smallest. The Bunk Box DIY Tiny House is an actual tiny house built onto a 16-foot trailer, fully equipped for living.
The 125 square foot main floor and 72 square foot sleeping loft both offer much more efficient use of space than might be apparent to the casual eye. With extreme attention to energy efficiency, the Bunk Box DIY Tiny House masterfully keeps the warm areas warm and the cold areas cold.
This house is perfect for unique individuals, can be expanded for couples and families, and also works great as an office, guest house, or bunk house. Buy the plans to build your own for only $99.

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Inspired by the classic workbenches from the early 19th century, the Tempel Workbench combines vintage touches with modern components. Hidden within its ash, walnut, and brass facade lies a high-end computer with a liquid cooling system that’s visible inside a backlit reservoir and a 24-inch monitor that’s motorized to hide itself away when not in use. It also has a built-in soldering iron/electronics workstation, custom tools tailored to your needs, and custom brass controls. Made by hand, just like the pieces on which it’s based.

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