Manolo Chrétien – aeronautical artwork.

Born in 1966 and raised near Orange Air Force Base in France, Manolo Chrétien has vivid childhood memories of gazing out his bedroom window in awe of the aircrafts soaring through the sky. As the son of Jean-Loup Chrétien, a test pilot and the first French astronaut, hangars filled with prototype jet planes were his playground. He developed his passion for aviation early on in his life, though this was not expressed publicly until later.

“I was inspired by the powerful aesthetic imagery of the planes, the passion and risk involved, and the developing technology. I think there is a strong link between air and art. My father is an artist; his very first dream was to trace the skies with pure curves, creating instant drawings or paintings with a ‘bird pen.’ The purity of line and movement is as important in the air as it is in art.”

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It may not seem like it, but it’s been over a year since David Bowie passed. The singer, songwriter, and actor was as innovative as he was beloved. These David Bowie Royal Mail Stamps celebrate his career by recreating the album artwork from Hunky Dory, Heroes, Aladdin Sane, Let’s Dance, Earthling, and Blackstar in mailable form. A variety of packages are available, from single stamps and fan sheets to a set of all six stamps individually mounted in a black frame.

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Animated Illustrations by Leland Foster

Leland Foster is an artist and designer out of Brooklyn who produces some seriously cool animated illustrations. Each unique piece features at least one animated element ranging from a smoking car exhaust and rain to flickering lights and a charging iPhone. They have a distinct style that seems like you could walk right into the scene while still feeling familiar thanks to a similarity to Drive or a Kavinsky music video. They’re not available for purchase, but you can check out his work here or on his site.

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Voxarray 61 Synthesizer

The stunning Voxarray 61 is a tribute to synthesizers from the 70s. Created by Love Hulten, a Swedish studio, this ”DIY modular synthesizer” has a clamshell construction, with the top lid housing a variety of analog and digital modules that can be connected using patch cords. To use external devices, simply patch them through the matrix. Add the custom-made dynamic microphone on top to complete the setup. Made of walnut, ash and steel, its not only gorgeous to behold, but has some unique functions like the ball handle which opens and folds close the lid, but also doubles as the pitch and modulation control when attached next to the MIDI keyboard. A true work of art. Continue reading

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McQueens Motorcycles

McQueen´s Motorcycles is a new book that focuses on the bikes raced and collected by the king of cool himself, Steve McQueen. The book takes a close look at the unique rides in McQueen´s classic bike collection valued in the millions of dollars, it includes Harley-Davidson, Indian, Triumph, Brough Superior, Cyclone, BSA, and Ace motorcycles. Plus a number of top off-road motorcycle races, including the Baja 1000, Mint 400, Elsinore Grand Prix, and many Huskys he used to desert race with. $25

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Louis C.K. is one of the most consequential comics of the past decade for a couple of different reasons. First, and most obvious, is that he is hilarious. Secondly, his website and the $5 comedy specials he sells on it have helped us all rethink the way we go about buying comedy specials and streaming TV. Direct from the comic to the audience. Now, with the Louis C.K. iOS App you can get all of his great content delivered directly to the phone in your pocket.

With the Louis CK app on your phone, you can stream videos of his new show Horace and Pete, both watch and listen to a variety of stand up performances from Louie and other comics, and even get push notifications about newly announced tours and shows. Not a big fan of watching shows on your phone? The app allows you to stream videos to your T.V. using either AirPlay, Google Cast and Chromecast. Oh. And it is totally free.

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What Doesn’t Kill Us

What Doesn’t Kill Us tells the astonishing but true story about a disciple of Wim Hoff, the Dutch guru of mind power known as “The Iceman” — a real-life superhero capable of subjecting himself to deadly subzero temperatures without any adverse effects, using nothing but his mind. (In 2011, he sat in near-freezing water for two hours and came out like he had just sat in a jacuzzi.) In short: pain exists only in your mind. You just need to know how to control it. $18

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It is easy to understand why people love reading about iconic companies. They can seem larger than life – seamless, and even effortless – but on closer inspection it becomes clear they’re the result of nothing but years of hard work. There is something compelling about that discrepancy, especially when you can find it in a company like Ducati Motorcycles. This is a large part of why Stile Ducati is such a compelling book – it takes you on a visual journey of the 90 year history of one of the most iconic motorcycle makers out there.

Founded in 1926, the Italian motorcycle company was helmed by just three brothers – Adriano, Bruno, and Marcello. The trio, along with the help of their father grew the tiny company from a small dark shop in Bologna during the mid 1920s to a gigantic 1,200 person team just a decade later. A dominant reason for why the company grew so quickly and managed to stick around for nearly 100 years is because of how striking and well preforming their motorcycles are. This book takes you from the humble origins to the triumphant present of the company in 240 pages. Prices start at $90.

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George Lucas A Life

George Lucas: A Life is the long-awaited life-story of the cinema legend and Star Wars creator. This is the first biography of the director to encompass the Star Wars prequels and everything that followed, such as the blockbuster series with Indiana Jones. The book takes us back to 1977, where a problem-plagued, budget-straining independent science-fiction film opened in a mere thirty-two American movie theaters. That was of course The Star Wars, now one of the most adored-and successful-movie franchises of all time. It also gives us an insight on how this influential and beloved filmmaker changed the way that movies were made, marketed and merchandised. $20

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This isn’t your normal filter app. The hint’s right there in the icon. Instead, Darkr tries to recreate the process of using a real-life darkroom to develop your photos. For starters, your camera roll appears as a bin of negatives. Select one, and it gives you a digital test strip to find the correct look, then takes you into an editor where you can crop, rotate, dodge, burn, blur, and tone the image. It has several built-in camera modes, including one that mimics a large-format camera, and as you might expect with a past-obsessed app, it only produces results in black and white.

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