It’s been years since Apple redesigned the MacBook Pro. They’ve used the time wisely. The new Apple MacBook Pro is thinner, lighter, and smaller than the previous generation. The display comes in 13- and 15-inch varieties, and is brighter, has greater contrast, and displays more colors than before. Open it up, and you’ll find a Force Touch trackpad that’s twice as large, an all-new keyboard, and, most noticeably, the Touch Bar. It’s a multi-touch display that replaces the function keys, dynamically changing depending on what you’re doing, with a Touch ID-enabled power button hidden on the far-right side. Hidden inside, there are Intel Core i5 or i7 processors, Intel Iris or Radeon Pro graphics, even faster SSD storage, an all-new speaker design, and four Thunderbolt 3 ports that also support charging, USB-C, and video out. But most likely the first thing you’ll notice is the color: in addition to the classic silver, the all-aluminum body will now be available in a subdued space gray. $1.800+

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Shazam Now Works In iMessage

iMessage is used by hundreds of millions of people around the globe to stay in touch with their friends and family. Apple continues to make it even better by offering new features and enabling third-parties to bake their services right inside the app. The latest service baked into iMessage is Shazam. It’s now possible for users to Shazam a song from right inside an iMessage conversation, eliminating the need to switch apps altogether.
The iMessage App Store was launched with iOS 10 last month. It enables developers to build services for iMessage. Some major services like Evernote, Giphy, IMDb, Square Cash, Yelp, more were launch partners.

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Jon Contino’s iOS 10 Sticker Pack

If you’re looking for a truly great way to communicate with the fancy new messages app on your iOS devices, you’ll be pleased to know that Jon Contino designed an iOS sticker pack. The Nose Knows is a collection of 50 different stickers ranging from a dinosaur with bite me text and a #1 fan finger, to a devil and a skull spider. Each sticker, whether text or picture, is decked out with the same cool style that Contino injects into all of his work. If you want a little more of Contino’s work in your life—who doesn’t?—The Nose Knows will be a perfect fit on your iOS devices. $2


New Mac Candle

We talk a lot about that new car smell, and for those who play collectible card games like Magic: The Gathering, you guys know that there’s a certain smell associated with a pack of freshly opened cards that’s just so damn intoxicating. As it turns out, there’s a smell associated with opening a new Apple product as well. The candle is made entirely out of soy wax and according to TwelveSouth, will last for 45-55 hours, so it should last you quite a while if you use it infrequently. $24

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Now All The Other Brands Are Also Dropping The Headphone Jack

Earlier last month Apple unveiled its new flagship smartphone, the iPhone 7. While not ground-breaking in terms of new features, and very similar in terms of exterior design, Apple still made enough changes to the device, especially in terms of hardware, to make it worth the upgrade for many. One of the biggest news has been the fact that Apple dropped the headphone jack with its new iPhone 7.
Today the USB Implementers Forum published its long-expected Audio Device Class 3.0 specification, which gives smartphone makers the standard they need to push sound through USB-C ports on all their devices. What does that mean? Well, it means that they will also not need a headphone jack anymore in the future. Once again it looks like Apple was slightly ahead of the curve here and what may seem strange today, might actually end up being the norm tomorrow. It remains to be seen how many smartphone and device makers will adopt the new standard and how fast.


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Like it or not, iMessage stickers are here to stay. Instead of bombarding your friends with animated characters that make their messages illegible, annoy them by fixing up their poorly-written texts with Grammar Snob. This smart sticker pack gives you a host of handwritten, red-inked annotations to let your friends and family know when they’ve made a typo or missed a common spelling, instantly sending them back to grade school in the most 21st century way possible. $1


Apple and Nike Launch Exclusive Apple Watch Nike+

Apple and Nike have just introduced the Apple Watch Nike+ as a result of their long-term partnership.
Built to be the ultimate tool for anyone and everyone that runs, the collaboration pairs exclusive Nike Sports Bands with the Apple Watch Series 2, featuring GPS, a two-times as bright display, 50-meter water resistance, a dual-core processor and watchOS 3. Additionally, the Apple Watch Nike+ will include exclusive Siri commands and full integration with the Nike+ Run Club app.

The Nike Sport band is crafted from the same flexible fluoroelastomer as the original Apple Watch Sport Band, but now it’s perforated for even better ventilation and sweat management. The lightweight band is available in four vibrant, two-tone color combinations: Black/Volt, Black/Cool Gray, Flat Silver/White and Flat Silver/Volt.
Additionally, Apple Watch Nike+ features two exclusive watch faces inspired by Nike’s iconic style that can be personalized with apps like Activity Rings, Heart Rate, Stopwatch and Weather.
Releasing in 38 mm at $369 and 42 mm at $399 at, and select Apple and Nike stores, the Apple Watch Nike+ will release September 9.

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Every time you take a picture, Exif data about location, time, camera, lens, exposure, etc. is stored in the background. Exify gives you access to all that information for your iPhone snaps without having to load the image elsewhere. In addition to viewing all the Exif data, Exify lets you add add watermarks, set copyrights, descriptions and artists, along with adjusting location information and GPS metadata. If you’re serious about your iPhone photography, you need Exify.

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Alarm Clock App Wakes You Earlier When There’s Traffic Jams

Alarm clocks are an essential part of life. But sometimes just alerting you when it’s time to wake up isn’t enough. For that, there’s Snorelax, a new iOS app that takes into account traffic delays and will in turn wake you up earlier if it sees the roads are backed up.

All for just $2 USD, the smart app monitors real-time traffic conditions, focusing on accidents, construction and historical patterns, and then applies such information to your desired wake up time. All of this is done by simply predicting how long it will then take you to get to work.

Snorelax will of course need to become accustomed to your daily route to work, but once the application is set up, it does all of the work for you so you can rest at ease.

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iOS 10 Will Make It Easier To Be An Organ Donor

Apple is bringing a new feature to their health app in iOS 10, the ability to easily sign up to be an organ donor.
Apple will add the option to sign up to the national donor registry using your iPhone with their Health app, the company’s CEO recently spoke to AP about the new feature.
Apple are hoping that this new feature will encourage more people to become organ donors. The company will be releasing their iOS 10 software update some time this fall.
Apple have not given a specific release date for iOS 10, although we are expecting it to be released some time in September along with the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus smartphones.

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