Astropad Studio

Especially after the launch of the Microsoft Surface Studio, there’s been a lot of buzz lately about Apple’s gap in the market for pro artists. Astropad Studio is the ultimate tool for creative professionals, it turns your iPad Pro into a completely customizable graphics tablet. Many working artists immediately took to the new iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil, but they lacked features professional creatives are looking for in a graphics tablet to handle the most demanding creative work. Astropad Studio is a premium version of the original Astropad, it was specifically designed to work with the iPad Pro and offers better performance and an expanded feature set. Features include keyboard support, pressure smoothing, hover simulation, unlimited shortcut sets, undo/redo gestures and a maximum speed of 40 MB/s, which allows for smooth operation of the tablet and image quality that is free of compression artifacts. $7.99/m

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BACtrack Skyn Alcohol Monitor

You can now easily keep track of whether or not you’re fit to get behind the wheel by simply glancing at your Apple Watch! BACtrack Skyn is the first-ever wearable alcohol monitor that lets you check your blood alcohol content from your wrist on the go, it is a small sensor that can be worn as a standalone wearable, or as an Apple Watch band that syncs seamlessly with your iPhone too. The app that connects to either device offers powerful and actionable data. For instance, a user can learn when they’re approaching higher alcohol levels and slow down or stop their drinking. Best of all, there’s no need to use a breathalyzer.

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In case you were wondering, yes, even Apple Watches could use some protection. And as much as we’d like to think these little wrist warriors are invincible, some extra security can go a long way in preserving our cherished timekeepers. The crew over at MTM Special Ops Watches feels the same way, now offering a military-inspired Apple Watch case that’s uniquely MTM in design and functionality.

Crafted from weapons-grade titanium or aluminum depending on your preference, the MTM Status adds some high-level protection to the digitalized 38mm Apple Watch. It features a set of interchangeable dials to suit the needs of the wearer, including a 12-hour clock, a compass digital date or 12-hour clock dial with the dials powered by a Quartz movement and two-year replaceable batteries. The unique design of the MTM Status also enables the wearer to incorporate any number of 24mm MTM bands or straps to suit their needs. They come in two options -either 7075 Aluminum or Grade 2 Titanium- and are available now for reservation on Kickstarter. Only 250 of each will ever be produced. Prices start at $129.


Memento Gifs App

Memento makes gifs nearly effortless. It automatically creates gifs culled from your phone’s photos, and can even add stickers and text on top.

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LABB Apple Watch Strap

The Noomoon team are the mad scientists of watch straps. Their first stroke of genius goes by the name of LABB, short for Loopless And Buckleless Band. Or what happens when you cross a Lego with some Velcro. Noomoon has transformed the watch strap and made it a thing of the future, a place where design and function melt into one. The innovative, first-in-its-kind self-gripping watch bracelet´s strength lies in its apparent simplicity. No buckle, no loop, but a secure, hard-wearing, easy-to-use fastener.

Idealized by award-winning British designer Benjamin Hubert, and developed by the Group Brasport, a Swiss company renowned for its excellence and expertise in high-end watch strap making since 1946, the sleek 100% Swiss made watch strap combines form and function, measuring a mere 2 millimeters thick. Besides good-looking, the elegant strap is supple, soft to the touch, odorless, waterproof, resistant, skin-friendly, and comes in several colors that should match any wardrobe. $77



Apple’s designs are more than functional. They’re iconic. Designed by Apple in California celebrates the last two decades of Apple design, from the original iMac to the Apple Pencil. Dedicated to the memory and spirit of Steve Jobs, it contains 450 photos of Apple products, shot by Andrew Zuckerman in the company’s signature minimal style. Available in two sizes, it’s available exclusively through Apple’s website and at select Apple Stores $200.

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CMRA Apple Watch Camera

CMRA is a new device that adds a camera to your Apple Watch band, and lets you snap pics from the wrist. The smart band attaches to your Apple Watch like any other, but features two cameras: an 8MP front facing camera and a 2MP one that stares up at you from the strap for selfies. It can also record HD videos, has 8GB of memory to store it all, has all-day battery life, allows for video conferencing (using Glide’s watchOS app), comes with a charging dock, and is available in four colors that should match any wardrobe. $149



In this day and age, quality is everything. And since we’re surrounded by drones, high-resolution action cameras, and smartphones boasting 12MP cameras, it’s to your benefit to own a display monitor that can accurately portray the high-quality footage captured in a fantastic manner. LG’s UltraFine 5K Display does just that, offering one of the cleanest picture qualities around.

Each 27-inch display hosts a 5120-by-2880 resolution with a total of 14.7 million pixels (77 percent more than a normal 4K display screen) that’s perfect for everything from photo editing to watching your favorite movie or GoPro footage. It features built-in speakers, a camera, microphone, and three USB-C ports. Each LG also comes with a Thunderbolt 3 cable that supports 5K video, stereo speakers, video conferencing, and up to 85W of charging power. It’s equipped with a one-year warranty and works with MacOS Sierra 10.12.1 operating systems or later. The adjustable stand also caters to your desired environment for a pleasurable viewing experience. It’s available now on pre-order for December, retailing at $1,300.