As an artist and architect, attention to detail and precision are two of Adam Ambro’s most prized traits. It’s apparent though his most recent work, which pays homage to a time when men still read the newspaper, and vintage automobiles were cutting edge. For these pieces, Ambro was inspired by the urban landscape in order to “find beauty in less than obvious places.” Sure seems like he found what he was looking for.

Each project begins with a recycles canvas of newspaper. From here, Ambro resorts to artistic mediums that were commonplace in a simpler time, like a pen and a marker. What’s left after hours of esteemed effort are highly textured interpretations of several classic adventure mobiles of a bygone era. It’s all accomplished out of his studio in Colorado and since each print uses a collage of actual newspaper, not only will you reminisce on the vehicles of yesteryear but you’ll effectively be transported back in time through a snapshot of stories that made headlines at that time. Not a bad addition to the den if you ask us. Prices start at $20 per print.

Vintage-Vehicle-Prints-By-Adam-Ambro-Designs-5 Vintage-Vehicle-Prints-By-Adam-Ambro-Designs-6 Vintage-Vehicle-Prints-By-Adam-Ambro-Designs-7 Vintage-Vehicle-Prints-By-Adam-Ambro-Designs-9 Vintage-Vehicle-Prints-By-Adam-Ambro-Designs-8

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