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LEGO vehicles take to the ancient streets of rome

italian photographer domenico franco has dreamt up a series of surreal scenarios that sees LEGO vehicles parked around the ancient streets of rome. for this personal project, franco has seamlessly integrated larger-than-life LEGO lamborghinis, helicopters, tractor trailers, and camper vans making their way through the italian capital’s cobblestone roads and parking in front of the world’s most famous architectural landmarks.domenico-franco-lego-outside-legoland-italy-designboom-05 domenico-franco-lego-outside-legoland-italy-designboom-04 domenico-franco-lego-outside-legoland-italy-designboom-03 domenico-franco-lego-outside-legoland-italy-designboom-02 domenico-franco-lego-outside-legoland-italy-designboom-07 domenico-franco-lego-outside-legoland-italy-designboom-08 domenico-franco-lego-outside-legoland-italy-designboom-09

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