Disintegrating II

Renowned Swiss photographer Fabian Oefner has teamed up with MB&F’s M.A.D.Gallery for an exhibition of five large-format prints titled “Disintegrating II.” Each of the pieces in the display is a blown out, exploded view of one of five iconic cars (Porsche 956, Audi Auto Union Type C, Maserati 250F, Ford GT40, Bugatti 57 SC) that Oefner painstakingly created from models with over 2,000 images over the course of two months. Once Oefner has all the individual images they’re blended together to create one single image like the ones you see before you. If you want a piece of automotive art unlike any other, there’s something in the “Disintegrating II” collection for you. $1.900+

NEW-Disintegrating-II-Fabian-Oefner-2 NEW-Disintegrating-II-Fabian-Oefner-4Oefner_Disintegrating_No_08

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