Deconstructed & Reconstructed Pin-Up Girls

Part sculpture, part bricolage, a little science and a lot of patience, American artist Michael Mapes has deconstructed and reconstructed traditional 20th century images of pin-up girls by combining photography and sculpture to result in dimensionalized collages of the originals. With the patience of an entomologist, the eye of a forensic scientist and the vision of a sculptor, Michael dissects photographs of the originals and re-assembles them (along with found objects like glass vials and specimen containers) on the end of specimen or insect pins.1453393406129 Michael-Mapes-pin-ups-4 female-subject ceb546dceb3600a5bb144f34eed467deReducing the posed females to individual anatomical parts in multiples; their lips, thighs, eyes and so on become pixels in works that bridge the gap between photography and sculpture.
Original factions of the portraits are combined with objects of vanity such as false eyelashes, acrylic fingernails, cosmetic applicators and eye shadow. Even cigarette butts, human hair and photos of men can be found within the artworks.

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