Bike Pumps Are Works of Art

Bike pumps don’t get enough respect. They are dragged out from their dark hiding places by grimy hands, used roughly and then shoved away, forgotten until they’re needed again. This is odd, considering how essential they are in every rider’s toolkit. For the rider who cherishes his bike pump (and who appreciates beautiful, original art), there is Silca’s new line of extremely limited-edition pumps, designed by the legendary bike builder and artist Dario Pegoretti. Like every Silca pump, each is meticulously handcrafted with stainless steel, aluminium, brass and wood; yet no two pumps are alike: each features a one-of-a-kind artwork hand-painted by Pegoretti himself. Meant to be displayed proudly, for what they truly are — works of pure cycling art. $1.200

Posted in Art, Ride on October 14th 2016 comments

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