Just because the race is over doesn’t mean all those hours of sweat and sacrifice need to fall by the wayside as well. Capturing the moment is tough to accomplish for some sports, especially when the tools used are highly inaccessible to the public, like racing. Luckily, After The Race is here to salvage these memories, immortalizing them in the form of art.

Each piece of art is taken from iconic race cars, typically the hoods from cars like the Porsche 911. They’re then turned into canvases for displaying not only your passion for the sport but acknowledging the trials and tribulations involved. The project was conceived by Jean-Denis Claessens and Edmond “Pogo” Thornard, a pioneering street artist and gentleman racer respectively. Each piece is unique and painted on a 911 hood to give it that worn-in, seasoned patina. They’re an ideal vignette for any racing fan either young or old and are made to order based on specific requests.After-The-Race-Automotive-Art-2 After-The-Race-Automotive-Art-1

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