Moog’s New App Is a Spot-on Recreation of a Classic Synth

FIVE YEARS AGO, Moog Music proved you could use the iPad as a real musical instrument when it released Animoog, a polyphonic synthesizer app that made full use of the tablet’s touchscreen. You could prop your tablet up on a stand and go at it with four, five, or six fingers to channel your inner Keith Emerson.

Although Animoog offered a healthy dose of the classic Moog analog DNA, it was mostly a new take on what a synth looked and felt like. This time around the company goes full retro, dusting off some old blueprints to rebuild one of yesteryear’s most beloved instruments.

The Moog Model 15 Synthesizer app is an iOS-powered recreation of the iconic Model 15 modular synth from 1973. You can download it now for $30.

Posted in Apple on May 4th 2016 comments

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