Alarm Clock App Wakes You Earlier When There’s Traffic Jams

Alarm clocks are an essential part of life. But sometimes just alerting you when it’s time to wake up isn’t enough. For that, there’s Snorelax, a new iOS app that takes into account traffic delays and will in turn wake you up earlier if it sees the roads are backed up.

All for just $2 USD, the smart app monitors real-time traffic conditions, focusing on accidents, construction and historical patterns, and then applies such information to your desired wake up time. All of this is done by simply predicting how long it will then take you to get to work.

Snorelax will of course need to become accustomed to your daily route to work, but once the application is set up, it does all of the work for you so you can rest at ease.

Posted in Apple on July 13th 2016 comments

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