KFC Actually Made Sunscreen That Smells Like Fried Chicken

In following up on their edible nail polish and box of chicken that charges your phone, KFC now introduces a sunscreen that actually smells like fried chicken.

Dubbed “Extra Crispy Sunscreen,” when out in the sun, the SPF 30 lotion omits an aroma similar to that of the restaurant’s famed chicken. Unlike the aforementioned nail polish, the sunscreen is not edible, though.

“We’ve had a lot of fun with our Extra Crispy Colonel campaign this summer and the sunscreen idea seemed like a natural fit,” a KFC spokesperson told Fortune. “Our chicken is hand breaded and freshly prepared in our kitchens all day every day, which makes the smell in our restaurants unparalleled. The Extra Crispy Sunscreen is a fun way to leverage that with our fans.”

Unfortunately, KFC is currently all out of their delicious-smelling sunscreen, as they made 3,000 bottles available via their website, but they in turn went in a hurry.

As for now, the company has no plans to make the lotion available for purchase.

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