Burger King’s New Ads Show Actual BKs That Caught Fire From Flame-Grilling

We’ve seen ad campaigns here and there through the years that intentionally put the client or its products in an unflattering flight—think, for example, of the great Harvey Nichols “Shoplifters” campaign by adam&eveDDB, which featured surveillance footage of the department store being robbed.

But never have we seen ads that show a company’s retail locations on fire.

That’s what Burger King has done in a pretty incredible series of print ads from agency David, which show real emergency-scene photos of actual BK restaurants fully ablaze.

The point? To remind people that BK always flame-grills its burgers—which usually has tasty consequences, but can sometimes have disastrous ones.

The campaign was informed by a fun piece of research—that since 1954, more BK restaurants have burned down than any other fast-food chain. Amazing work by David to bring such an unpleasant data point so gloriously to life.

BS_Pennsylvania BS_Italy

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