How Pepsi Got It So Wrong: Unpacking One of the Most Reviled Ads in Recent Memory

Since the moment Pepsi released its new two-and-a-half minute spot—featuring Kendall Jenner, protesters and a message of unity via soda—response to the ad has been anything but positive.

According to data from Amobee Brand Intelligence, digital content engagement around Pepsi has increased significantly (366 percent in just a day), but 43 percent has mentioned Black Lives Matter, 31 percent has labeled the ad as “tone-deaf” and 10 percent has tagged it as the “worst ever.” Amobee also looked at content engagement around the term “tone-deaf” in the last day, and 77 percent of digital content using the term mentioned Kendall Jenner and Pepsi.

So what happened? How did Pepsi get here and what can marketers learn from this debacle? Continue reading


Jeep’s First Snapchat Lens Makes Your Hair Fly Around Like You’re Driving With the Top Down

If you open Snapchat tomorrow to use one of the app’s face-swapping lenses, you’ll see an ad for Jeep that makes it look like your hair is blowing around while you’re driving a car.

This is the second year that Jeep has used Snapchat for its “4×4 Day” campaign. Last year the brand ran sponsored geofilters where users could apply a graphic of mud tracks over photos and videos and the brand also opened an account to push out organic content.

Instead of geofilters, Jeep created a sponsored lens this year because, “of the popularity of the feature on Snapchat—they’re seeing that is their No. 1 engagement mechanism on the platform,” said Marcie Perez, Jeep brand media and social media manager. Continue reading