Snap Inc.’s Spectacles Are Now Available for Anyone to Buy Online

If you want one of Snap Inc.’s Spectacles, you no longer have to find a randomly located Snapbot and then stand in line to buy one of the elusive $130 gadgets. Starting today, you can purchase them on Spectacles.com.

Following the ecommerce launch, the company’s pop-up store in New York City will close down in a development that’s been expected since January. But Snapbots—the high-tech vending machines that had been the only place to buy Spectacles—will continue to appear in locations around the U.S. following a brief break.

Snap, which owns the popular app Snapchat, first revealed Spectacles at a private event in early September 2016. The devices first went on sale last Nov. 10 via a few Snapbots that toured the country.

Spectacles are souped-up sunglasses that record video, via an integrated camera, from the wearer’s eye-level perspective. Users can then upload 10-second video clips to the Snapchat platform via a smartphone synced through Bluetooth or WiFi.

Flying Drone Taxis taking of this summer in Dubia


Dubai has announced that flying drone taxis will whisk passengers around its fair city this summer. The mini-airships are Ehang184 Autonomous Aerial Vehicles, which are set up to carry one human and a bag — a total of 100 kg — up to 31 miles at speeds in excess of 60 mph. The drones take two days to fully charge. The head of the city’s Transportation Agency says this is a reality, not a Star Trek pipe dream: “We have actually experimented with this vehicle flying in Dubai’s skies.”

Finally. Now you don’t have to feel weird about falling asleep in a cab. Or not wanting to talk to a cab driver. Or being in a traffic accident because your cab driver is insane. That’s a lot to look forward to. Falling to our death over a borderline obscene, unnatural, arid desert-scape with fake islands, on the other hand… not so awesome.

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Sriracha Spice Rub Is Now a Thing

In collaboration with food innovation company Sugarmade, Huy Fong Foods is launching Sriracha-loaded spice sticks. Falling somewhere between a marinade and a dry rub, the so-called “Seasoning Stix” are designed to be skewered into beef, pork, poultry or fish. The sticks liquify during the cooking process, resulting in meat that’s flavored (Sriracha flavored, at that) from the inside out. Available in four flavors — Classic Sriracha, Sriracha Butter Garlic, Sriracha Teriyaki and a yet-to-be-named mystery blend — Huy Fong’s Seasoning Stix are slated to ship later this month.

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If you aren’t concerned about your privacy online, then you haven’t been paying attention to the news. But figuring out how to protect yourself without going off the grid isn’t easy. Flter Secure Router is an option to help give you peace of mind no matter what device you’re using. It provides VPN protection, malicious ad blocking, and Tor anonymity, and sits between your modem and router, so you don’t have to install extra software. You also get full peer to peer support, unlimited bandwidth, and can operate Flter entirely from the app or web interface. $90

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Ebay Survey Results Point to More People Buying and Researching Cars Online

Every three minutes, a car or truck was sold on eBay via a mobile device during the fourth quarter of 2016. And if the results of a new eBay Advertising survey hold true this year, auto buyers could be more likely to buy online this year.

According to the report released this week, the internet is increasing in prominence for every part of the car-buying process. The survey, which was given to 1,000 general consumers and 1,000 customers of of eBay Motors, found that 87 percent used the internet in some way in the past six months when buying a car. Continue reading

Nifty Battery Pack Charges Your Smartphone Six Times Faster

476bd5ceba2e0ee610f585e24c9d729b9cf87126_main_hero_imageWith the arrival of USB-C, it’s finally possible to charge your devices faster than ever before. The pocket-friendly Nifty C PowerPod Battery Pack takes full advantage of the technology, supercharging USB devices new and old wherever you go. Utilizing Qualcomm 2.0 Fast Charging technology, the PowerPod is able to deliver power at unprecedented speed. For instance, the iPhone 7 charges 4.5 times faster when connected to this battery. And as all Apple enthusiasts know, the latest Macbook Pro will charge up via USB-C with no AC outlet in sight, making the Nifty extremely convenient on long trips. Aside from speed and versatility, the battery squeezes an impressive 10,000mAh into a very compact design perfect for travel. $50

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Jaguar and Shell team up for the world’s first in-car payment system

Imagine zooming to a gas station in your Jaguar, filling up your tank and taking right off without any hassles of paying for that fuel. Sounds heavenly? Well this may soon become your reality if own a Jaguar XE, XF, or F-Pace in the United Kingdom, as the automobile giant has recently joined hands with Shell for an innovative gas-payment system. The one-of-its-kind in-car payment system requires users to install the Shell app, that can be operated via the car’s touchscreen for payments. All you need to do is, select the amount of full you need and make the payment via PayPal, Apple Pay or Android Pay (to be introduced later). Further, the app also generates a receipt for your payment on the display itself, and forwards along a copy to your registered email address. The in-car initiative is commenced by the brand to offer an extended degree of convenience to its clientele, especially in situations where they forget to carry their wallets or simply do not wish to step out. Continue reading

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Fluttua Suspended Bed

The Fluttua Suspended Bed was designed specially for you if you’re aiming to reach minimal decor objectives. This interesting bed is supported only by a central column and a special and super strong anchorage structure that fixes onto the wall. So you get free space under your mattress and the illusion that the bed is floating in the middle of your room. You may choose to leave it empty to get that “wow” look or just get some storage boxes for organizing stuff under the bed. Designer Daniele Lago created this so it would harbor standard size mattresses of 160x200cm, with the central column being adjustable in height to best suit your needs. The lighting system that´s fitted underneath gives it that arty look that makes you think you´re hovering on a cloud. With several colors you may choose for its structure, it will surely give your bedroom a whole new dreamy feel.    Continue reading

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Foldable bikes, generally speaking, are petite things. They’re built for the urban commuter who wants to get from point A to B without hauling around a full framed bike. The MOAR eBike, however, is completely unapologetic about its big size and hefty electric engine.

One wouldn’t necessarily expect to see a bike with 26 by 4 inch tires, full suspension, and an aircraft grade aluminum frame fold down neatly into an easy to stow size – but MOAR isn’t in the business of doing what people expect. Built to tackle tough terrain and roll over heavy snowfalls like it’s no big deal, this bike features a 48-volt 750-watt battery powered motor with an impressive 118 pound feet of torque. Not only does this thing have enough power to tow an SUV from a standstill, but thanks to its 1,000 lumen headlights and LED brake light – it can zip around town at speeds of 20 miles per hour. No word yet on pricing- but by signing up for a launch notification on their page you can get over half off retail.

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Making private videos with your lover isn’t unusual. Nor is it unusual for your phone to be the most convenient recording device around. Rumuki is a brilliant app that removes all kinds of potential concerns and lets you get down to having fun. First of all, you need to pair it with a copy of the app running on your partner’s phone. Record away. When it’s time to play it back, you both have to agree to it, and should one party delete their key, it’s gone forever. So whether you’re worried about being hacked or an ex posting your private bits online, you’re covered. I know someone who should get it now!!!

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