Fire Dept Coffee Is Ready for Any Job

If you’re looking for a perfect cup of Joe, look no further than the firefighter owned, operated, roasted and delivered Fire Dept. Coffee. The easy drinking coffee is sourced from socially and environmentally friendly farms before being freshly roasted to order. Fire Dept. Coffee packs enough punch for people working doubles, overnights or extended shifts while still being smooth and delicious, which is probably why it’s the coffee of choice for many fire departments. If delicious coffee and supporting a small business haven’t sold you yet, portions of every sip go back to Firefighter or Veteran Assistance Programs. $12

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Just about all of us have had a fantasy of being a rockstar at one time or another. But so few of us actually took the time to learn guitar. The truth is, it takes a lot of time and dedication to get it right. And lessons can be pretty pricey. But if there had been something like the Fret Zeppelin guitar trainer around when we had those lofty goals, we might actually be touring around the world right now.

The premise is simple: attach this trainer to the neck of your guitar, sync it to the app on your smartphone, pick a song, and let the Fret Zeppelin do the rest. The device’s full color spectrum LEDs – which can illuminate 4.6 million color combinations – will light up the fretboard and show you both where to and where not to place your fingers in order to play. The database, which can be accessed through the app, will have everything from scales, to chords, to musical styles, to songs, and more. And, once you become experienced enough, you can set up the Fret Zeppelin to display a light show while you perform. In all honesty, this might be the most intuitive guitar-learning device ever manufactured. You can preorder one for as low as $199 right now, but the price will likely jump once it goes to market.

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Pentax KP

Ricoh has announced the impressive Pentax KP, a camera that has a nightvision-like ISO range. It has one hell of a sensor, a 24 Megapixel APS-C sensor that is capable of a maximum ISO of 819,200! The new highly-capable 24-megapixel CMOS sensor enables shooting in extremely low-light conditions, with a super-sensitive ISO making the camera ideal for night photography. It also features 5-axis image stabilization, pixel shift technology, anti-aliasing filter, 1/6000 high-speed shutter, 1/24000 electronic shutter, a multi-angle LCD, dust and weather resistance, and built-in Wi-Fi. $1.199,95

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When the Weather Is Bad, Digital Billboards for the ‘Baywatch’ Movie Will Try to Cheer You Up

The ad campaign is underway for the Baywatch movie, which opens nationally on May 26. While the forthcoming flick most likely won’t go down in cinema history with the likes of Citizen Kane or Chinatown, its Paramount Pictures marketers are approaching out-of-home with a bit of innovation.
Utilizing the digital billboard system from Lamar Advertising, Paramount and its team are targeting 16 mostly rust-belt or corn-belt mid-sized markets with ads that change according to the weather happening around the signage.

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One of our favorite things about how audio technology has progressed is that it has given us the ability to take our music with us just about anywhere. While we used to be relegated to hauling around unwieldy ghetto-blasters, we now have our pick of portable speakers that are stylish and effective. Some, however, stand out much more than others for their uniqueness and overall quality. And from the looks of it, these Rockit Logs appear as though they fall into that very category.

Invented by Jay DeMerit – a world class athlete who played on the U.S. national soccer team from 2007 to 2011 and studied Industrial Product Design at UIC – each of these speakers is made using reclaimed tone woods. After having been retrieved from abandoned logging sites, the unique bits of wood are fitted with a powerful high-quality 60-watt speaker, a Bluetooth receiver, a rechargeable battery that supplies up to 10 hours of playtime, and a USB charge port. At about 12-inches in diameter, these speakers are as portable as they are functional and stylish. When they hit the shelves, they will retail starting at $399, but you can contribute to their Kickstarter now and get one for much less. $199+

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Motorola VerveOnes Music Edition

Motorola has begun selling its latest VerveOnes Music Edition earbuds as the more affordable alternative to the VerveOnes.

These also fit into the Motorola VerveLife range aimed at those on the move. Thanks to their wireless build they’re a viable alternative to Apple’s AirPod offering.

Some might argue these are better thanks to rubberised earbuds, an eight hour battery via the charging carry case and IPX4 water-resistance. Continue reading

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Often referred to simply as the Inter Autoscooter, the Inter 175A Berline is a microcar in the spirit of other pint-sized cars like the Messerschmidt KR-175. Small, economical vehicles were popular in post-WWII Europe due to their low cost to buy and run, and the fact they fit down the narrow streets and laneways typical of many large cities on the Continent.

The modestly-proportioned Inter 175A was first seen by the public at the 1953 Paris Auto Show, initially there were three versions offered for sale but once production began it had shrunk to two models – the one you see here and a topless version called the “Torpedo”. Continue reading

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Tostitos’ New Party Bag Knows When You’ve Been Drinking and Will Even Call You an Uber

Doritos might have crashed out of the Super Bowl after a decade of fun ads, but Frito-Lay still has a few party tricks up its sleeve for this year’s big game. The chip maker’s Tostitos brand has made a limited-edition “Party Safe” bag that can tell when you’ve been drinking, and will help you get home safely from that Super Bowl party.
The special bag, created by Goodby Silverstein & Partners, comes equipped with a sensor connected to a microcontroller calibrated to detect small traces of alcohol on a person’s breath. If any alcohol is detected, the sensor turns red and forms the image of a steering wheel, along with an Uber code and a “Don’t drink and drive” message.
The bag also uses near-field communication (NFC) technology, allowing fans to tap the bag with their phone to call a ride. With Uber and Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Tostitos will offer partygoers $10 off their Uber ride during and after the Feb. 5 game. Continue reading

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In House Industries: The Process Is the Inspiration ($50),

Cruz joins co-founders Rich Roat and Ken Barber in reflecting on a quarter century’s worth of work. But rather than publish page after page of type designs and logos, Cruz, Roat, and Barber amassed case studies for a handful of notable projects, from a logo for Hermès Japan to a set of designs based on hot-rodding. Through detailed accounts, the designers candidly explore not just their successes but their failures—what inspired them, what tripped them up, and how they arrived at a finished product.

In the case of the Eames font collection, House Industries heeded Demetrios’s advice. “He showed us how to go back and try to build something that wasn’t a regurgitation of something we’d seen before, but a tool that could point to something we love about Eames,” Cruz says. The result was a typeface that channels Eames-ian principles like elegance, sturdiness, and economy of space without parroting any Eames ephemera.

Understanding how to make vintage designs feel fresh has made House Industries popular with clients ranging from the Jimmy Kimmel Show to director JJ Abrams, a House Industries fanboy and author of the book’s introduction. But what Cruz and his colleagues took away from the Eames project is a fraction of what the designers have learned running House Industries these past 25 years. You’ll find a few choice examples of other lessons in the gallery above—and many more in the new monograph itself.

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Pop-Up Hotel Concept That’s Soon to Hit the Welsh Countryside

The Welsh hotel scene is going to get a whole lot more interesting this year. Come Spring, eight hotel cabins will “pop-up” in three secret locations in the Welsh countryside. These 8 cabins are actually the winning designs from a competition hosted by Epic Retreats that invited architects from all over the world to submit compact designs that were inspired by Welsh legends and history.

Now, visitors are invited to book a cabin for a three-night weekend or a four-night midweek stay through Epic Retreats and there’s more to experience than a fun cabin. The stay will include activities inspired by the location from beer tasting and Welsh meals prepared by expert chefs, to sea fishing and traditional performances. The spots will surely go fast, so make sure to sign up with Epic Retreats in order to find out how you can book a stay.  You can also sign up to receive news of the adventure on their Facebook page.

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