The Fucking Calendar

If you’re the kind of person that appreciates keeping track of the days in the year and the versatility of the word fuck (maybe you own this, this, and this), you’re going to want The Fucking Calendar. Created as a funny gift to kick off the new year, the calendar comes in black or white and pocket or poster sizes. A relatively traditional calendar with the days, dates and months for 2017 is decked out with plenty of fucks because each month includes a fucking title of the fucking holiday it’s most famous for. Fucking Valentine’s Day for February. Fucking Heat for June. Tourists for August. Halloween for October. You get the idea. This appropriately named calendar has all of the fucks you won’t give for the entire year, so it’s obviously completely inappropriate for a traditional office. $3

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Casey Neistat’s Drone-Powered Holiday Video

Casey Neistat has done it again, releasing a holiday video for Samsung today with an enormous drone that lifts and flies the stunt-minded, master influencer around on a snowboard. Neistat, dressed as Santa Claus, appears with fellow social media videographer Jesse Wellens in the behind-the-scenes clip

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MacBook Pro EDC Kit

Cargo Works have introduced the MacBook Pro EDC Kit, a tactical case designed to carry your MacBook laptop, all of your Apple gear, plus organization for your everyday carry items such as pocket tools and accessories. Outside, the case features front Molle webbing for attaching pouches and quick accessible items, inside you´ll find elastic webbing for keeping your essentials tightly secured and organized, plus plenty of pockets to store the rest of your gear. The lower section on the outside is an accessory pouch for storing bulkier items such as power adapters or mouse. The versatile bag can be carried by hand or worn in sling messenger style with the detachable shoulder strap. $69

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Cell phone prison

It’s time we all admitted it, most of us spend too much time on our cell phones. It’s not our fault that mobile games are more interesting than most people’s idle chit chat but maybe we need to force ourselves to take a break. The Cell Phone Lock Up is the prison solution to your cell addiction. $25
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It’s no secret that fans of the cafe racer culture during the ’50s and ‘60s are aware of the more aggressive looking street fighter bike movement inspired by the Japanese builds of the ‘70s and ‘80s. Wenley Andrews is one such devotee and this build, which in one way or another has been in the works for nearly eight years, is something of his magnum opus.

It all began with a 154 horsepower 2004 Honda Fireblade, with which he widened the wheel rim to make room for an 180-section tire up front, installed a swing arm and front end from a Honda VFR, and wrapped a car rim within the monstrous 240 tire out the back. Andrews also mixed things up a bit with the body as well, opting for a retro tracker seat and headlight allowing this build to deviate a bit from the pure street fighter aesthetic. It also features a handful of Motogadget gear, including a mini speedometer, idiot light, bar-end, and mini-blinkers. He also built out a custom exhaust system, “double shotgun style,” as he puts it to round out this wild build he calls Angry Bird, though we doubt the child’s game had anything to do with the mean street fighter/cafe racer hybrid. Continue reading

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Carvana Opens an Eight-Story Car Vending Machine

Carvana makes the car buying experience a lot less painful, but they’re probably best known for their five-story car vending machine in Nashville. Everything’s bigger in Texas, so Carvana just unveiled a new vending machine that is eight stories tall in Houston. It holds thirty cars, has four delivery bays and is the nation’s largest coin-operated car vending machine. If you decide to pick up your car in person rather than having it delivered, you insert a big Carvana coin into the machine and robots retrieve your vehicle for you. Want to get your new Carvana ride from the vending machine but live more than 100 miles outside Houston? Carvana will give you a $200 travel credit for flight and even pick you up from the airport. Welcome to the future. Continue reading

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Arthur Schening is a talented artist with a love of classic racing cars, his art adorns walls in homes, garages, and offices across the world and it’s not hard to see why – the focus on detail combined with minimalism makes his art immediately eye-catching.

Arthur creates and sells the prints individually, each is made using an HP Indigo digital printing press on 65lb. uncoated cover stock, they measure 19″ wide by 13″ high and can be bought for $30 a piece. Continue reading

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Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 10.16.53


With a Tron-like form and flying capabilities, The Beast Hoverbike is a concept we’d like to see become a reality. The single-person vehicle is powered by a radial fan, rather than a motor, drawing inspiration from vintage hair dryers and graphic cards. A set of wings on the bottom aid in steering, while two large thrust reverse brakes slow the bike down. Although things are merely in the conception stage, the design did earn second prize in the “A Roadtrip in 2116” contest, giving us hope for possible production within the next 100 years.

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Dim Sum Field Guide

Dim sum is its own little culinary movement — a foodie sub-cult, sort of like burritos or ramen. In this pocket-sized guide, author Carolyn Phillips gives a 101 course on dim sum, complete with quirky illustrations and a bit of history on the popular Chinese teahouse snack style. $11

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Floating Paris Gym

You spend a lot of energy working out at the gym, but what if all that effort gave you more than just a buff bod? The Italian architects Carlo Ratti Associati, have designed a floating gym that is powered by the exercise of the people working out inside it! The 20-meter-long Paris Navigating Gym would be equipped with Technogym‘s ARTIS exercise machines which can harness the energy of the users to float gently down the Seine river.

The transparent glass bubble design was inspired by the Bateaux Mouches ferry boats that have carried tourists across the river since the early 20th century. The gym will be a collaboration between Technogym, Terreform ONE and URBEM, and will be adapted to use ARTIS bikes and cross trainers that capture the energy of the individuals using the exercise machine to power the boat.
Carlo Ratti said, “The Paris Navigating Gym investigates the potential of harnessing human power. It’s fascinating to see how the energy generated by a workout at the gym can actually help to propel a boat. It provides one with a tangible experience of what lies behind the often abstract notion of ‘electric power’.” Continue reading

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