The Unit P2 Skateboard Table has a top made from a 49″ bamboo longboard deck, and hardwood legs with floor-safe pivoting feet. It’s designed to fit in hallways or rooms where space is at a premium, and standard office or dining chairs fit under it easily – making it an ideal micro office.

Unit P2 is a skateboard company founded by Jeff Yarrington, the man behind The Fuel Haus and Bozi Boards. Jeff’s work has been shown worldwide, including both his iconic skateboard designs and his work with custom cars and motorcycles. $195

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Krazy Glue Just Hung Huge Gifts on a NYC Christmas Tree

Mention a famous Christmas Tree in New York, and most people will think of the 94-foot Norway Spruce that dominates Rockefeller Center. And indeed, that’s an impressive tree. It boasts 45,000 lights, untold acreage of ornaments, and a 9.5-foot star on top with 25,000 Swarovski crystals.
The Rockefeller tree does not, however, have a Ping Pong table hanging from it.
For that, you need to head downtown to Liberty Plaza and check out the Krazy Kristmas Tree. At 25-feet tall, it is a much smaller tree—and an artificial one, too. But it has other features to recommend it—like, say, the real drum kit, LED television, foosball table and aforementioned Ping Pong table that hang from its branches. As the tree’s name suggests, these extremely large and heavy “ornaments” were all attached to the branches with Krazy Glue. Continue reading



Imagine only needing one notebook for the myriad of college courses or everyday note taking or idea management that take up the majority of your waking hours. Sounds crazy right? Well not with this smart paper-and-pen notebook from Rocketbook. It’s called the Everlast Notebook and if they have it their way, it’ll be the last notebook you ever purchase.

The Everest Notebook still provides users with the classic pen and paper experience, with one caveat. After you jot down the day’s notes with any one of their Frixion pens simply open the Rocketbook app on your smartphone, shoot a photo of your notes and the app automatically sends a digital version of the piece to online destinations such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Evernote, perfectly organized by date, time and topic. And once everything is all uploaded, said, and done, simply wipe the slate clean so-to-speak with a damp paper towel and prepare for the next day’s events. It’s available now for reservation on Kickstarter and is slated to retail for $34.

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This isn’t your normal filter app. The hint’s right there in the icon. Instead, Darkr tries to recreate the process of using a real-life darkroom to develop your photos. For starters, your camera roll appears as a bin of negatives. Select one, and it gives you a digital test strip to find the correct look, then takes you into an editor where you can crop, rotate, dodge, burn, blur, and tone the image. It has several built-in camera modes, including one that mimics a large-format camera, and as you might expect with a past-obsessed app, it only produces results in black and white.

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Heat 3 Smart Gloves

The Heat Company have recently released the third generation Heat 3 Smart Gloves, perfect for daily life in winter, photography, skiing, or mountain climbing. The ultimate cold weather glove now features a silver lining at the thumb and index finger tips so you can still use touch screens, and also a palm made from goat leather, for extra warmth and better grip. In the warmth department they´re equipped with additional 4 oz Primaloft, and offer a Mitten finger flap, ensuring maximum cold protection. There´s also a pocket on the backside of each glove for placing heat packs or storing small items, and wrist safety harnesses to ensure you´ll never lose them. Originally designed for the German and Austrian special armed forces, the guys from Heat Company sure know how to keep you warm. $166

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For those who are unfamiliar, stock car racing is a now-outdated hobby in which people raced small electrically powered toy cars around track to which the cars were attached. The track layout dictated the lines of the vehicles, much in the same way that cable cars or trains work – along a fixed path. Though it was fun, there was only so much excitement to be had driving cars that had a set racing line. Well, now Hot Wheels has released their own version – a computer-driven “intelligent” stock car racing system. And it doesn’t rely upon any set lines.

Each starter set comes with two smart cars, two controllers, and over 16 feet worth of track pieces – which can be reconfigured into over 40 layouts – but can be expanded to accommodate more. The smart cars are powered wirelessly and each feature dual onboard “artificially intelligent” sensors which read the track over 200 times per second. These help keep the cars from continuing to drive after running off the track and can control rival vehicles for one-player racing. The system also incorporates virtual hazards like oil slicks into the system, which can be deployed at the push of a controller button to disrupt other racers. This clever AI-driven stock car system is selling now for just $77. Continue reading

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Memento Gifs App

Memento makes gifs nearly effortless. It automatically creates gifs culled from your phone’s photos, and can even add stickers and text on top.

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One of the best parts of the holidays is getting to watch your loved ones open the gifts you bought them. That becomes a little difficult when you need to ship their gifts across the country. With the USPS Gift Tracking Ornament, you can follow their progress from transit to delivery, and — for the first time ever — opening. The kit comes with a special box equipped with a tracker, as well as the ornament, which changes colors to let you know the package’s status. When it turns green, that means the box has been opened, which in turn means it’s time to fire up FaceTime and see those smiling faces for yourself.

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Steve McQueen In Le Mans is a new graphic novel by Swiss artist Sandro Garbo, he wanted to take one of the most famous McQueen movies and give it a comprehensive re-telling via the graphic novel medium – recreating the most famous scenes and cars in stunning detail.

“I don’t think anyone ever filmed a car race in such a realistic and intense way, but watching it, I saw more than just the race. I pictured the panels we could create and they were so stunning that I only wanted one thing: to create and share them.” – Sandro Garbo

From start to finish the graphic novel took 3 years to complete, Sandro and his team took time to get the details of each car perfect – including the film’s main protagonists, the Porsche 917, and the Ferrari 512. €32

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AIRHELP or How to Get Reimbursed for a Delayed Flight

With a whopping 45.2 million passengers expected to travel by air this holiday season, unforeseen setbacks are likely. But this time around, don’t settle for a $10 meal voucher if you’re hit with a flight delay.

AirHelp fights to earn compensation for customers hampered by delayed, canceled or overbooked flights. So long as the hindrance is not the result of extraordinary circumstances (e.g. severe weather or labor strikes), airlines are obligated to provide recompense for delayed or canceled flights — up to $560 for flights delayed 1–2 hours, or $1,300 for delays greater than 2 hours.

By consulting a database of flight information, court judgments and existing laws, AirHelp determines whether a delay is eligible for compensation and files a claim accordingly. If the airline refuses to comply, AirHelp takes the case to court. And while AirHelp takes a 25 percent cut for successful reimbursements, it’s a fair price to pay considering you’d receive nothing otherwise.

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