CLEMT Car Diffusers

Freshen up your main mode of transportation with CLEMT. This collection of innovative little diffusers will made your car smell good as new, all year round, no matter what you throw at it or in it. Pick your favorite scent, and hit the road happy. $75+


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GoPro Voice-Controlled Remote Control

A few months ago, GoPro announced the Hero5 camera. Obviously this is an upgrade over the previous release and we were treated to upgraded specs, but one of the standout features of the camera is that it comes with voice controls, meaning that if you have the camera mounted on a helmet, you’ll be able to control it using your voice which would be more convenient.

The Remo is a relatively small device and can be worn a couple of different ways: it can be straps around your wrist, or thanks to a clip it can also be clipped onto the collar of your jacket. Basically it offers users more ways to use the voice control feature in case the camera’s microphone can’t pick up what you’re saying.
The best part is that it is also waterproof of up to 5m, so taking it with you while you’re swimming or surfing will not be a problem. If you’re interested in getting your hands on it, it is priced at $80 and will come with the clip and wrist housings.

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Lamborghini Esavox Smartphone Docking Station

Priced from $26,000, the Lamborghini Esavox docking station by iXoost just might be the most expensive yet, but is a must have for Huracan and Aventador fans. Featuring four individual speakers housed in enclosures inspired by the front air intakes of an Aventador, plenty of carbon fiber accents, Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, a regular cable connection, DSP 24bit ADC/DAC output, and 800 Watts of power. Besides the price, this isn’t something you want to lug around, as it measures 125 x 65 x 50cm and weighs in at 117-pounds. Continue reading



Traveling during the holiday season is hard enough without having to guess how long the line through security will take, where you can pick up a last-minute gift, or whether or not you can find some Wi-Fi. FlightSpeak keeps you informed of all that and more. It has detailed information for over 300 airports worldwide, including up-to-date security wait times, store and restaurant locations — perfect for finding a pre-flight drink to calm your nerves — Wi-Fi information, and power outlets for charging your gadgets. Free at the Appstore

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Jony Ive and Marc Newsome’s Christmas grove at the Claridge’s Hotel

Apple’s Jony Ive and industrial designer Marc Newsome have turned the hotel lobby  of the Claridge’s Hotel into a festive space with the addition of a small grove of trees that were devoid of the usual Christmas embellishments. The installation consists of 12-foot tall light boxes that illuminate black-and-white images of birch trees, cast models of Scots pine trees are also part of the display and the small forest is covered by a canopy of natural green pine. In a statement, Ive and Newson said, “Our aim was to create an all-enveloping magical experience that celebrates our enormous respect for tradition while recognizing our excitement about the future and things to come. There are few things more pure and beautiful than nature, so that was our starting point, layering various iterations of organic forms with technology.” Continue reading

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HandEnergy Pocket Power Generator

If you continually forget to charge your backup batteries to help keep your mobile devices and wearables charged during the day whilst away from the grid. You might be interested in a new portable power generator which can be easily moved to generate power whenever you may require it.

The HandEnergy generator creates clean energy using the power of your body and allows you to charge your smartphone, tablet or other mobile devices wherever you may be simply by moving it in your hand. €69 at Kickstarter

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Ok this is weird – Wearable Sleeping Bags In Star Wars Fashions

Selk’Bags, the sleeping bags that you wear like a bodysuit, have been around for a long time. We wrote about them in 2006 and even reviewed one in 2011. Fast forward to today, and we find the company trying to expand its appeal by releasing some Star Wars themed suits, and we’re loving it. You can now get a Selk’bag in Chewbacca, Buzz Lightyear, Radiation Suit and Darth Vader flavours. Notice the two non-Star Wars items there? $89+

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The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck

Try not to judge this book by it’s cover. The author of “The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck” Mark Manson absolutely thinks that you should give a flying flip about life and happiness, but in a slightly different, more reasonable way.
In his New York Times bestseller, Manson explains honestly and refreshingly that positivity isn’t always the way to be happy; that, instead of turning life’s lemons into lemonade, we should learn to better stomach lemons, and that not everyone deserves a trophy for participating. While you may or may not agree with the book’s premise, it’s definitely worth a read. – $15

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Fourneau Cast Iron Bread Oven

Fourneau is a new item designed for the freshly baked bread lovers. It´s in fact a cast iron oven thats meant to be used in your homes´ regular oven. When your oven gets up to temperature, just put your dough on the peel and slide it into the cast iron device, and let it cook. With each Oven you get a recipe book that will guide you in the task of making your own bread, you also get a maple peel to help you slide it in the oven. American made by the the Strand Design company it´ll make you go back to the old cast iron flavors you just don´t seem to get anywhere nowadays. Get your own bakeware device and start baking your favorite bread recipe with an artisan touch and taste. $225
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