Survey shows surprising trends in holiday tunes

Right now, if you were to walk into a retail store anywhere in the world, there’s a 1 in 10 chance you’d hear a Christmas song thumping through the PA. The deeper we get into the holiday season, the more those odds increase. By Christmas Eve, it’s 1 in 4. What’s more, there’s a higher probability the artist performing that holiday tune is Michael Bublé or Justin Bieber than Frank Sinatra or Bing Crosby.
These are among the findings of a just-released survey by Soundtrack Your Brand, a Spotify spinoff firm that provides music to thousands of stores, restaurants and other retail outlets across the world. (See charts next.) Continue reading


Jubel Adventure Travel

Feeling adventurous? This travel site can book you a mystery vacation! Jubel is a new travel website, but unlike conventional travel planners, this one creates personalized adventures for you and guides you through the experience by delivering letters throughout the trip, so you never know where you are heading next. They curate a personalized journey based on your travel style, and budget, simply choose what countries or regions you would like to discover and they will turn it into an adventure. Jubel will also handle the bookings so you can concentrate on your adventure and discover each destination as you go.

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Created to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the company’s official shop in Vienna, the Leica Hammertone M-A Camera gives the venerable analog shooter a rugged new look. Both the camera body and the included Leica Meter MR-4 have been given a gray hammertone lacquered finish, while the included NOCTILUX-M 1:0.95/50mm ASPH lens has a silver finish inspired by the very first version of the Noctilux 1.2/50mm. Individually numbered and limited to just 25 examples. $26.500

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Cold weather is upon us. Keep your toes from freezing with Winter Heated Insoles. Remarkably thin, they’re powered by batteries that recharge wirelessly, and connect with your phone wirelessly to let you adjust the heat level and get alerts when the battery is running low. Compatible with everything from ice skates to cocktail bar-ready boots. $100 from Kickstarter.

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dining with Santa and his reindeers up in the Brussels sky

Dinner in the Sky has done it again! This time with a unique twist and right in time for Christmas. How would you like to dine with Santa aboard his sleigh up in the Brussels sky?

If you’re at the chic Sablon square shopping district you will see a bell-ringing Santa Claus welcoming people aboard the “restaurant” fitted out as a sleigh decked with lights and drawn through the air by four theater-prop reindeer. Hop onboard for €250 ($265) for a gastronomic four-course supper with wine, or if you rather have a “high tea,” options start at €55.

Now when you’re high in the air you know that this is going to be a personalized meal as it’s only you, your chef and a few other guests. This means you get to savor every bit of the meal in a completely different way. What’s exciting is that you will be strapped to chairs to eat at a bar running round an open kitchen.

Michael Chiche, who helps run the Brussels-based Dinner in the Sky firm has brought the sky-dining experience to 58 countries.

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Non-Emotional Christmas Cards

Look, it’s the Holidays and maybe you want to show your friends that you care enough about them to buy them a Christmas card, but not quite enough to wish them a “Happy” one? I mean, maybe their life is shitty right now and wishing them happiness would be out of line. Maybe spending days with annoying family members you see only once a year doesn’t make you feel very “happy”. Or maybe you just want to wish them a crappy Christmas, but can’t bring yourself to do it. There are, in fact, many scenarios where this Non-Emotional Christmas card would fit right in. Printed on 110lb cover stock French Paper and paired with gumdrop green envelopes, these cards wish you to simply “Have a Christmas”. A pack of 6 will set you back $19.

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Yumi means bow in Japanese. Today, this simple shape is re-interpreted by Shigeru Ban for FontanaArte. Its absolute harmony is destined to turn into a new universal classic. Yumi is both delicate and strong: a clean design and simple shape that blend into a lightweight yet sturdy structure of composite material, wrapped in a carbon fibrecoat with a surface brushed to a gloss finish. € 2.547
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Here’s What’s Made Tony the Tiger Cereal’s Coolest Cat for So Many Years

In September, the media converged in Midtown Manhattan for a press conference with an outspoken, controversial celebrity with orange hair. He would take questions, the PR people promised. He would even do a little song and dance.

His name is Tony the Tiger, famed for the past 64 years for his basso profundo endorsement of Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes (“They’re Gr-r-reat!”). Newly rendered as a life-size animatronic costume by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, Tony was in town to shout out a new variant of that slogan, encouraging the kids of America to “Let your Gr-r-reat out!”
With sales of box cereal on the wane, Frosted Flakes has never needed its famous Panthera tigris friend more than now. Kellogg’s’ 2015 net sales fell by 7.2 percent, and Frosted Flakes tumbled 4.5 percent the year prior. Continue reading


Eight Smart Mattress

There’s a number of ways to track sleep, and many more reasons to do so. Problem is, many existing methods are either inaccurate or uncomfortable (placing your phone upside down on your nightstand, wearing a fitness tracker and so on). Eight’s smart mattress has highly accurate sleep-monitoring tech packed imperceptibly into its feathery cushion. On top of that, the temperature on either side can be personalized, and a smart alarm wakes you up at the perfect time according to your sleep. If you don’t need the mattress but still want the sleep-monitoring tech, you can buy the smart cushion separately for any size bed. $950+



As we mourn the passing of going barefoot around the house, it’s time to make sure your feet are warm and comfortable at home during the winter. These Felt Mill Loafers from the kings of American wool should do the trick. Woolrich has been keeping folks warm for over 180 years, and these loafers are perfect for knocking out that honey-do list or a lazy afternoon with a book. They feature contrast whipstitch detail, a soft, fleece-lined footbed for extra warmth, and a rubber outsole with integrated rubber traction pods for the occasional trip to the porch or driveway. $50

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