Microsoft’s First All-in-One Desktop

Microsoft is expanding its Surface line of laptops and tablets. The company announced its first-ever all-in-one desktop, the Surface Studio, which is undoubtedly meant to disrupt a market recently dominated by the likes of HP, Apple and Dell.

The Surface Studio, powered by Windows 10, features a 28-inch, 12.5mm thin PixelSense touchscreen display — the thinnest LCD monitor ever. And it’s beautiful. The display uses 13.5 million pixels, which amounts to 192 PPI, or 63 percent more than a 4K TV.

Other specs include a powerful Intel Core processor, 32GB of RAM, a 2TB hard drive and integrated 2.1 speakers. Also, its hinge can be adjusted down to a 20-degree angle — “nearly flat” — so users will have a better experience drawing with a stylus and, come Spring 2017, creating 3D content with the Windows 10 Creators Update.


YouTube Launches ‘End Screens’ Feature

At the end of videos on most YouTube channels, content creators usually try to link users to their other videos. Sometimes these videos might be other videos that are similar in nature, or they might be the previously released video. This is done to help keep users on their channel and to increase viewer count, which in turn also affects their revenue.

However it looks like soon content creators won’t have to bother as YouTube could do it for them. The company has recently announced that they will be introducing the “End Screens” feature to all content creators. Prior to this, the feature was only limited to a handful of creators for testing purposes, but now YouTube has made it available to all.


SpiderLight Camera Holster

Neck and wrist straps are great for cameras of all sizes, but if you truly want a seamless shooting experience with your camera you should check out the SpiderLight Camera Holster. Designed specifically for the mirrorless and lightweight pro cameras on the market (hence the “Light,” but there is a Pro version for your expensive rigs), the SpiderLight Camera Holster is an easy, draw-from-the-hip, no strap solution for shooting on the go. Using Spider’s patented ball-joint system, you can easily attach your camera to your belt or pack with just enough movement to not make it uncomfortable, while also allowing you quick release access to your rig. Better still, the plate you attach to your camera works with tripod quick-release plates and Arca-Swiss tripods and doesn’t obstruct battery doors. $75

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If you’ve ever tried whiteboard brainstorming, you know that, while it can be a messy endeavor at times, it can also be incredibly rewarding. Sometimes it just helps to get everything out there in front of you visually – making it easier to organize group thoughts into a single cohesive idea. Well, Google – a company very well known for their groundbreaking collaborative efforts – has a new product to vault old-school brainstorming into the modern world: the Jamboard. Continue reading

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There a tons of ways to access and share your memories in your home, like smartphones, tablets, and TVs. None are quite as simple as the Loop Connected Photo Display. Vaguely resembling an old tube set, it has 10-inch high-resolution screen and a simple interface with two knobs: one for skipping through individual photos and videos, and one for skipping through “channels” of photos from sources like Facebook, Instragram, and Dropbox. It also supports voice and gesture controls, can read photos straight from SD cards, lets you control the action from a smartphone, and has a rechargeable battery so you can tote it anywhere you want. $150

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Uber’s Self-Driving Truck Delivered a Semitrailer Full of Budweiser 120 Miles

Somewhere in a college freshman dormitory in Colorado, there’s a young hacker thinking about the missed opportunity. Who needs a fake ID if you can intercept a whole truck of Budweiser?
Otto—the Uber-owned startup for self-driving semitrucks—last week partnered with Anheuser-Busch on a test to deliver a trailer-load of beer from Fort Collins, Colo., through the Denver metro area, and on to Colorado Springs near Pikes Peak.
Driving down I-25, the autonomous truck steered itself for 120 miles with 51,744 cans in tow. That’s the equivalent of 2,000 cases of Bud, according to Otto, which is based in San Francisco.
There was no human in the cab, and Otto announced the self-driving delivery on its blog today. The development underscores how self-driving vehicles are slowly becoming a reality.
All jokes about fake IDs aside, with device-based, internet-of-things-leaning hacking becoming a bigger issue, it will be interesting to see how self-driving technologists adapt to growing security threats. Challenges will have to be met to quell the concerns of regulators and marketers.



Foldable, adjustable, and secure, the Immotor Go Electric Scooter is an ideal short-range transport for the urban commuter. For starters, it has three wheels and active suspension, so balancing while riding is easy, even while reaching the limits of its 20 mph top speed. Dual smart batteries give it a range of up to 20 miles, can be easily removed/replaced, and can also power anything that hooks to a normal outlet with a simple conversion kit. Finally, it uses your smartphone as a key, with fingerprint authentication required for battery removal, it’s own active data connection with GPS, and the ability to let friends and family borrow it through the app, which is a far more secure setup than just handing someone the key to your bike lock. $400+

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Technics SL-1200G Direct Drive Turntable System

You don’t need to be hi-fi connoisseur to appreciate the latest turntable from Technics. It is an engineering marvel. Every single aspect of its design is built to eke out the richest, warmest, clearest sound that vinyl can achieve. Tiny variations in needle speed are almost completely eliminated by a core-less direct-drive motor; twin rotors reduce nearly all vibration; the platter is balanced with the same laser-precision technology used in bullet-train wheels. Undoubtedly, it is a turntable for the most devout hi-fi vinyl loyalists — but just about anyone can appreciate its incredible engineering.

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TPoint Squash courts

ASB’s new initiative to “take squash to the people” will bring squash from “hidden” areas to visible outdoor places around the city. The number of participants will increase each year by exposing squash as healthy, competitive, fun and social sport activity, The beautifully designed electronic squash courts, with innovative technology, will create a new and exciting sport experience.

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Nomad Ultra Rugged Battery Cable

Most charging cables are like those arts-and-crafts store fuzzy pipe cleaners. They are constantly twisted, coiled, bent and rammed into tight spaces, causing them to inevitably snap — another $30 down the drain. So, invest in one that’ll actually last, like one of these three new cables from Nomad. Reinforced with a kevlar core and a PVC outer, each is five feet long (about 2 feet longer than most stock cables); the Battery Cable has an integrated back-up power reserve, while the other two, a Lightning and a universal (Lightning and MicroUSB), are the more straightforward and lightweight option. $40

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