Aston Martin’s AM37 powerboat is finally here

Having been announced almost a year-and-a-half ago, Aston Martin’s first foray into the world of powerboats has finally come to fruition. The AM37 debuted today at the Monaco Yacht Show and, despite the carmaker being a little wet behind the ears nautically, it is as good-looking as you’d expect. In order to have some expert input from firms already in the field, the British marque partnered with boat builder Quintessence Yachts and naval architect Mulder Design. Being more au fait with dreaming up cars, Aston Martin worked with Mulder to develop the design for the AM37, after which Quintessence went about bringing it off the page and into reality. The result is the culmination of two years of work and is aimed at combining “innovative technology and bespoke craftsmanship.” Continue reading


DJI Mavic Pro

It’s been a good month for drone lovers, and industry heavyweight DJI is playing its part with the freshly-announced Mavic Pro. Unveiled today, the new remotely-controlled drone promises the same abilities as DJI’s Phantom series but in a seriously compact and easily transported form-factor, courtesy of a folding design that collapses it down to roughly half the size of a Phantom 4. Folded, it measures 198 mm long, 83 mm wide, and 83 mm high, and weighs 743 grams.
On the front is the Phantom 4’s camera, recording 4K video at 30fps. It’ll also shoot 1080p at 96fps if you prefer higher frame-rates over pure resolution. Continue reading

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Duffy London is first and foremost a furniture design company. Over the past few years they have made a name for themselves by designing and producing pieces like the Woodsman Axe Table, the Swing Table, and the oceanic Abyss Coffee Tables. Somewhat surprisingly, the company has just recently announced something a little outside of their comfort zone – a mega yacht concept dubbed the Solaris Global Cruiser.

Maybe all that designing of furniture left the studio feeling restless, or maybe they wanted to continue the nautical theme of their coffee tables – either way we’re not complaining. Duffy London imagines a boat that can cut across the top of the water with incredible speed and silence thanks to an electric engine powered by solar panels positioned on the top of the yacht. On the back of the boat, the design firm sketches out a beautiful wood deck with comfortable and plush seats for enjoying the view, and a set of stairs up to a top deck. While this is a somewhat wild concept, it seems that Duffy London is at least half serious about following through with it. On their website they have a spec sheet that promises a total of 5,200 horsepower and a max speed of 45 knots. Not bad for a boat with 5 cabins and a length of 144 feet. If you want to help this firm realize their dream – it’ll cost a cool $25,000,000. Continue reading

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Snapchat Game From Under Armour Turns You Into Cam Newton and Makes You Dodge Wolves

If you’re on Snapchat today scrolling through the sports-centric channels on Discover you’re likely to see an invitation from Under Armour to play a game.
That game, It Comes From Below, allows Snapchat users to enter the world created by Droga5’s latest ad campaign for Under Armour starring Cam Newton. Instead of watching the NFL star quickly dodge a variety of obstacles, you play as Cam Newton and your fingers are responsible for how fast—or if—he’s able to avoid those obstacles.
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The chair that defies gravity

While the modern world has re-defined comfort for us in many ways, Dr David Wicket’s recent luxury invention is bound to leave you spellbound. Ten years of tumultuous research in bio-engineering and innovative thinking has led to the creation of this hi-tech chair that not only stimulates weightlessness but also allows body postures to be controlled by mere hand gestures.

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Usually when you think campfire, what comes to mind is a pit on the ground surrounded by stones. It’s a tried and true method, but if you’re looking for something a little less smokey and a little more convenient, Loki’s Portable Camping Stove is a great pick.

Designed to be carried out easily in a bag and then folded out to stand at mid-calf height, this can turn any campsite into a full fledged kitchen. Just insert pins to lock the legs into place, build out the stove-pipe, and open the door to throw in wood to stoke the fire. Once you get everything hot enough, you can pop-off the stovetop lid and get to cooking up anything from eggs to heating up water for coffee. Class up the camping trip for $269. Continue reading

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Above The World

The world´s largest drone manufacturer, DJI, turns 10 years old, and to celebrate their anniversary the company turned to renowned art book publisher teNeues for Above the World: Earth Through A Drone’s Eye, a celebration of aerial photography around the world, showcasing some of the world’s best photos by well-known aerial photographers, but also the many phenomenal images captured by non-professionals. A spectacular bird’s eye view of iconic images you can only capture with a drone platform. $75

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The Billy Bookcase Stands for Everything That’s Great (and Frustrating) About Ikea

In February 2010, sun-loving Australians who showed up at Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach encountered something more than the usual towels and umbrellas. Thirty red bookcases snaked through the sand, stuffed with thousands of books ideal for beach reading. Proceeds went to charity, but the publicity went to Ikea. The stunt commemorated the 30th anniversary of the Billy bookcase.

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Phantom Air The Worlds First Tuneable Wireless Earbuds

Trinity Audio Engineering has this week unveiled a new pair of wireless earbuds that take the form of the Phantom Air, and are the very first tuneable wireless earbuds saves developers.

Watch the video below to learn more about the Phantom Air which is being marketed as a “new benchmark for wireless earbuds”, so the development team based in the UK.

The Phantom Air utilises 7mm Titanium dynamic drivers and Trinity 5 filter tuning system for a precise sound unlike no other truly wireless earbuds EVER made!

Recharge on the go by placing the Phantom Air’s into the charging case to recharge them on the go, 45 minutes to 75-80% charge and 1 hour until fully charged. The pocket charger can recharge the earbuds up to 10 additional times, giving you up to 30 hours use!

Jump over to Kickstarter to make a pledge from £90 with delivery expected to take place during January 2017.

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The Paqui Carolina Reaper chip

Normally, you worry about eating the whole thing when you open a bag of chips. That won’t be a problem here. The Paqui Carolina Reaper Tortilla Chip is made using the Carolina Reaper Pepper, also known as the hottest chili pepper on Earth. Bred by “Smokin” Ed Currie — who also helped create the chip’s seasoning — the reaper has a heat rating of 1.57 million Scovilles, or over 78,000 times hotter than the hottest jalapeño you’ll find. Also joining the fray are ghost peppers and chipotle seasoning, making the chip so incredibly spicy that it’s sold one-at-a-time in its own coffin-shaped box. $4.99

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