Volata bike

CYCLING IS A GADGET-HEAVY endeavor, what with the lights and the GPS tracker and the computer telling you how far and how fast you’ve gone. Keeping track of it all, and ensuring it has the juice to keep going, can be a real hassle.

Volata takes care of that by building the gadgetry into the bike, along with a battery and generator. The commute-ready ride, designed in Italy and built in California, features a carbon fiber fork, hydraulic disc brakes, and Shimano Alfine Di2 electronic shifting. A carbon drive belt spares your pants from inevitable grease stains. Continue reading

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W New York unveils first of its kind glamping suite in the middle of Manhattan

Camping is fun there’s no denying that… But when you stay in New York and the nearest campsite is miles away and you secretly don’t want to pitch a tent on your own (we know that’s a task in itself), what do you do? Well, if you’re looking for a truly luxurious camping experience then go glamping (for the uninitiated that’s glamorous camping for you). Continue reading

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The Drive

After a successful edition of The Ride, a bestseller about the world of custom motorcycles, publisher Gestalten have turned their cameras to the custom car scene in The Drive. The beautifully illustrated book showcases the best of the best custom cars that are designed and made by a small number of specialists from around the globe. The book also includes bold photo spreads, profiles of builders, and exclusive essays that celebrate the variety of automotive craftsmanship. Buckle up for a world tour of custom car culture. $52

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Regular old Dropcams are great, but even after they got bought out, there remains one big problem: they have to stay indoors. The Nest Outdoor Camera does away with that. Its weatherproof body can handle anything the clouds throw at it, it plugs in, so there’s no worries of dead batteries, and it has a built-in speaker and mic so you can communicate with unwanted visitors or just tell the delivery guy to leave the box on the steps. And like all Nest cams, it can record up to 30 days of footage to the cloud, and sends alerts to your phone if it thinks something’s up. $200



Every time you take a picture, Exif data about location, time, camera, lens, exposure, etc. is stored in the background. Exify gives you access to all that information for your iPhone snaps without having to load the image elsewhere. In addition to viewing all the Exif data, Exify lets you add add watermarks, set copyrights, descriptions and artists, along with adjusting location information and GPS metadata. If you’re serious about your iPhone photography, you need Exify.

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Oh God, Raid Made a Triptych of ‘Paintings’ Out of 60,000 Dead Roaches

Roaches may be hideous, but even they can be turned into beautiful works of art—so long as they’re dead.
A new campaign from bug spray Raid features a series of three billboards made entirely from the carcasses of cockroaches—roughly 20,000 for each poster.
Agency EnergyBBDO hired artist Jonathan Kenyon of design studio Vault49 to create the ads. His team meticulously placed various sizes of bug corpses onto the canvasses, shaping images like a Grim Reaper riding a fighter jet, meant to convey Raid’s fast killing power. Continue reading



Named after famed Jazz singer Billie Holiday, the Billie Amp promises to bring smooth sound into your home no matter the source. It has dual inputs for both analog and digital sources, a dedicated turntable input, and aptX Bluetooth, all of which pass through the custom-built tube preamp before the Class D ICEpower Bang & Olufsen amp sends the signal out to your speakers. There’s also a powerful headphone amp with a convenient front connection jack, and to ensure everything looks as good as it sounds, it has wooden volume and source selection knobs that add warmth to the machined aluminum body. Made in Montreal. $600+



Any traveling musician understands the risks and perils in lugging along their music equipment from venue to venue. From water damage to breakage to even theft, traveling with such important gear presents many risks to the traveler. Now while there isn’t a universal solution to this matter, U.S-based KLOS Guitars does offer a six-string option.

Designed and handmade in the USA, KLOS’ guitars feature a carbon fiber body and mahogany wood neck that detaches for easy storage and transport. Such a composition makes the KLOS guitar a lighter and stronger option than traditional wood guitars while offering some of the best acoustics of the carbon fiber family. And because of this composition, the guitar is protected from dents, cracks, and other wear and tear traditionally found when traveling. It’s the perfect option for students traveling abroad, hikers looking to compose campfire serenades, or simply anyone interested learning a timeless instrument. It’s available now on Kickstarter with reservations starting at $500.

Alarm Clock App Wakes You Earlier When There’s Traffic Jams

Alarm clocks are an essential part of life. But sometimes just alerting you when it’s time to wake up isn’t enough. For that, there’s Snorelax, a new iOS app that takes into account traffic delays and will in turn wake you up earlier if it sees the roads are backed up.

All for just $2 USD, the smart app monitors real-time traffic conditions, focusing on accidents, construction and historical patterns, and then applies such information to your desired wake up time. All of this is done by simply predicting how long it will then take you to get to work.

Snorelax will of course need to become accustomed to your daily route to work, but once the application is set up, it does all of the work for you so you can rest at ease.

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Pokémon Go Is Inspiring Small Retailers.

Pokémon Go, the mobile game that has millions of people running from location to location, isn’t just a tech-bubble fascination on the part of the Twitterati—it’s boosting local businesses in the American heartland. Indeed, augmented reality, or AR, appears to be getting its close-up on Main Street.
“This weekend, we were just people-watching and noticed everybody staring at their phones,” said John Merritt, manager of CitySen Lounge, an eatery and bar in the CityFlats Hotel in Grand Rapids, Mich. “So, we put the sign up around 3 p.m. on Saturday.” Continue reading