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Has the New Abercrombie & Fitch Really Changed?

It was only a few years ago everyone from trade magazines to business publications were lamenting (some were crowing with delight) about the demise of the the big teenage retailers, or the “Three A’s,” as some referred to them. Millennials watched in fascination as the once dominant retailers of childhood — Aeropostale, American Eagle and Abercrombie & Fitch — descended further into a tangled slough of blustering attempts to interpret the changing taste of a new breed of teenagers. Continue reading


GoPro Seeker Backpack

GoPro has released a few new products that include the Seeker Backpack, a lightweight weather resistant pack that definitely is as good as or better than the GoPro dedicated competition out there. The rugged pack provides 16L of space for your personal gear plus compartments for up to five GoPro cameras and multiple batteries and microSD cards, keeping them protected, organized and easily accessible. It also features an integrated chest mount, an adjustable shoulder mount, an over-the-shoulder system to capture shots during your adventure, and a compartment that fits a bladder up to 2 liters. $169 Continue reading


Boker Plus Tablet Pen

If you’re everyday carry includes an iPad, smartphone, or tablet, then the Boker Plus Tablet Pen may very well be your best option as an EDC tactical pen. Along with the features typically found on a tactical pen — a lightweight aluminum body, Fisher Space Pen ink cartridge compatibility, an integrated pocket clip, and obvious self defense applications — the Boker Plus Tablet Pen sports an integrated stylus opposite of the writing end hidden below a screw cap that works seamlessly with most touch screen devices. – $22


Charge Force Wireless Phone Charging

This case/charging dock duo make powering up your phone a tangle-less affair. What’s more, the case is compatible with Qi wireless charging tech (among others), so you can get some extra zaps as your roam around this technologically advanced world of ours. The dock is magnetic, so it functions as a display stand as well, wherever you choose to mount it. $100



Even with cameras on our phones, frame-worthy moments pass us by everyday. The Perfect Memory Camera captures those snippets, while letting you be a part of the memories by keeping your hands free. The sleek metal design the size of a lighter far surpasses any action camera and is available in silver and rose gold. Versatile with its own accessories or compatible with all sports action mounts, wear it, connect to a pet, on any surface and live-stream to your Instagram, Snapchat or Periscope. Featuring Ambarella superb quality, the 12-megapixel camera supports a 128G microSD card for videos of any length. Advanced modes include timelapse photo/video, car loop mode automatically freeing up storage or the patented AutoEdit — when something notable happens, tap the device to save video retroactively. $149


Bose speaker kit

Bose has launched a Bluetooth product for a much younger audience. Aimed at children eight and up, the Speaker Cube is a compact speaker designed to give curious kids a better understanding of how modern audio technology works.

In the interests of keeping things simple, the Speaker Cube can be assembled without any tools or special equipment – or mum and dad. Instructions come from an iOS application, which gives the child a basic understanding of how magnets and electromagnets work, as well as explaining how speakers and sound work. Continue reading


Why Century-Old Nathan’s Is Still America’s Most Famous Frank

On July 4, thousands of people will gather on the seamy streets of Coney Island in Brooklyn to witness a spectacle that only a city like New York can serve up. Seated onstage at a long table, some 20 iron-stomached contestants will dunk hot dogs into cups of water and then, in a 10-minute window, cram as many of them as possible into their faces. The spectacle is thrilling, it is nauseating, and it is famous. Continue reading


Fiat 500 Riva Edition

If you enjoy cruising in your yacht, then you’re definitely going love the new Fiat 500 Riva edition. The car is the result of a collaboration between Fiat and the luxury yacht manufacturer Riva. The small car brings the extravagance of Riva’s yachts off the waves and to the streets. The Fiat 500 Riva Edition captures the lavish spirit of the Aquariva Super yacht through the use of high quality materials and superior design. Continue reading

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VW Camper Bed

Circu is a Portuguese company, they are specialists in bringing some fun and imagination to children´s rooms. Inspired by one of the most iconic and magical symbols of fun and freedom, the beautifully designed Bun Van, is a bed, but it looks like an old school VW! Built from fibreglass and chrome, and finished with a palisander wood veneer inside, the made-to-order creation features multiple storage compartments, a bed, a TV, a secretary, a mini bar and a sofa. A true and genuine piece of art.

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A good set of kitchen appliances can make cooking a lot more convenient. But it’ll also take up a ton of room. The Hub Kitchen Appliance concept solves this problem — and more — with a clean, modern design. Using a shared base with motor and heating element attachments, it can serve as a food processor, blender, kettle, or mixer, all controlled by the recessed control dial. In addition, the Hub is designed to let you diagnose and service it, with standard connector screws, an LED diagnostics window, and separate components that can be swapped out with ease, thus ending the issue of unserviceable products ending up in landfills.