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Sony Glass Sound Speaker

Next month, Sony will be releasing the latest product from its Sony’s Life Space UX project. Officially referred to as the LSPX-S1 Glass Sound Speaker, the device was designed to seamlessly blend in with your home decor and in turn provide the surrounding space with crystal clear and quality sound – the cylinder design has been implemented in order to better transmit vibrations from the gadget’s driver.

The 360-degree portable Bluetooth speaker boasts an organic glass tube, as it also doubles as a light. The materials that were utilized in the construction resonate at frequencies similar to those of the human voice, making the speaker ideal for vocal-centric rather than bass-heavy tracks. If you’re looking for some additional volume, however, you can purchase multiple Glass Sound Speakers and then pair them together.

Sony’s LSPX-S1 Glass Sound Speaker ($799 USD) is scheduled to become available in May at the MoMA Design Store inside New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

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Thailand-based K-Speed custom building shop has done it again. We recently covered their build out of an all black BMW R100 Cafe Racer that was quite the show stopper. Now, the outfit executed another jaw-dropper with a custom BMW Boxer crowned the BMW Bobster.

Keeping in line with the bobber mentality, its chopped tail end, and solo seat adds to its sleek design. In addition, K-Speed lowered the front fork assembly and fitted a YSS suspension at the back. They also added an 18” rear wheel that was sourced to suit the stock 18” front wheel, adding to the bike’s laid-back attitude. What is ultra unique with this build is the wavy fuel tank that K-Speed snagged from a Honda TL125. Additionally, the Bobster features low-slung handlebars, Takegawa controls, and a tiny LED speedo. The engine got an upgrade as well with K&N filters and a tight looking pair of megaphone mufflers to top everything off. This is a solid build and definitely puts Thailand on the map.

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The Casio Pro Trek series is known throughout the outdoorsman world for its prowess in the wild. Now their latest model, dubbed the easy to remember PRW3510Y-1, is the first to use their Super-Twisted Nematic (STN) display. The feature uses less power while simultaneously offering enhanced visibility in both light and dark atmospheres.

Casio also hooked this latest edition up with several additional features including a Triple Sensor tech for accurate altimeter and barometer readings, alarms for sudden pressure changes, and Tough Solar tech for the months upon months of battery life. If you’re not familiar with Tough Solar, the feature is so strong that the battery can charge even under fluorescent light. So no need to fret about wearing this thing to the office 40 hours a week. In due time, it’ll be properly utilized. Oh yeah, did we mention it’s also equipped with a compass as well? And features multi-band atomic timekeeping and water resistant up to 100m? It’s quite obvious this here’s an outdoor timekeeping piece that can’t be beaten. Available now for $320.

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How Women Want to Interact With Brands Online

According to a new study conducted for Adweek by product review and discovery platform Influenster, brands need to move even further toward mobile if they want to make meaningful connections with women. “Digital consumption, especially of visual content, is happening at such a rapid pace on handheld devices marketers should push mobile optimization to the top of their checklists and not allow it to come as an afterthought,” said Influenster president and co-founder Elizabeth Scherle. She added that even though videos and GIFs are in fashion, women still prefer social posts that involve photos. Continue reading



Ever wonder what it would be like to sit inside of a Bowing 737 engine cowling? Well, probably not, but thanks to England-based Fallen Furniture, you can experience it anyway. They’ve crafted a luxurious leather 737 Cowling chair from authentic parts of military and civilian aircraft.

In its original form the chair sits atop a highly polished aluminum base Stood. Not only does this support the chair, but also allows it to spin effortlessly on its axis. It’s the pinnacle of luxury seating, and hard not to feel like some sort ofBbond villain while posting up within the confines of the turbine cowling. Each finished shell is adorned in high gloss allowing the piece to really pop in any setting. And the plush interior upholstered in premium quality black leather complements the piece as a whole, which serves as a proper tribute to the aviation industry and its heritage. Each chair measures 6.5 feet in length, depth, and width, and can be made to order and customized according to personal preferences.

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Avex Freeflow Water Bottle

AVEX, a leading reusable water bottle brand for outdoor adventurers, has introduced the Freeflow Autoseal Stainless Water Bottle, capable of holding liquids up to 10 hours hot and 29 hours cold. The steel water bottle features Avex´s revolutionary Autoseal patented technology, a press-to-sip, release-to-seal button that automatically seals between sips. Available now in several colors including an awesome unfinished stainless version. $30

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Dash Wireless Smart Earphones

The Dash Wireless Smart Earphones are now available for purchase! The innovative devices aim to put on the table some extras that regular Bluetooth earphones aren´t able to provide such as: store up to 4GB of music rather than simply stream the tunes from other devices, act as an activity monitor and tracker, they´ll also let you make and take calls, and are touch sensitive, use a swipe or a tap to interact with them. You also get the mandatory app (IOS, Android or Windows) to get full control, manage volume and settings, check your performance data or create your own special profile. Also featuring the interesting passive noise cancellation mode, this gives you the option to hear the noise around you or diminish its intensity when it´s on, giving you a more crystal sharp sound but isolating you from your environment (not ideal when going on a walk or on a bike commute). The special case they come in will let you charge up to 5 times, providing a use of up to 3 hours for each charge. $349

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DJi Matrice 600 Drone

This isn’t for hobbyists trying to screw with squirrels in their neighbor’s yard or for ne’er-do-wells dive-bombing beach-goers. We’re talking industrial-grade camera rigs. An A3 flight controller, Lightbridge 2 transmission and batteries that will keep up with all the things you demand of them. It’ll travel 2500 meters up, move at up to 18 meters per second and stay aloft for up to 35 minutes. €5.299

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