Many refer to the rebirth of records as the “vinyl revival.” And dutifully so. Since 2009, the sale of vinyl records has grown an eye-opening 260 percent. It’s a trend that’s repurposing old school means of listening to music with new school flair. From vinyl quality to the turntables themselves, this isn’t your parents record collection anymore. At least, that’s the thought process for Italy-based Audio Deve with their platterless turntable project.

The ATMO SFERA deviates significantly from the traditional record player. In fact, it skips the record-sized platter entirely with only a weighted strew-on cap keeping the record in place. Also, the vibrations of each record’s deep grooves are felt by player’s carbon fiber tone arm, pre-fit with an Audio Technica AT 95 E MM cartridge. The secret is in the air. That is, without a platter absorbing energy from the album, the days of buzzing muddiness in the sound quality are over. Funds are still being appropriated for the project but this looks to be an exciting time for audiophiles everywhere.€ 895

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Internet-connected gadgets can definitely make life more convenient. But by connecting to cloud-based servers, they can also make it less secure. The Zoe Secure Smart Home Hub is designed to give you all the voice-activated smarts you expect, while keeping your commands private. It plays nice with existing connected devices like Philips Hue bulbs, Nest thermostats, and Dropcams, as well as Z-Wave and Bluetooth devices, and also has support for Voice Drops, small hexagonal boxes you can place around the home to extend Zoe’s reach. You can teach it new abilities with a few taps in an app, and best of all, only the data you choose gets sent to the cloud, ensuring privacy where you expect it most. $150+

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‘Universal’ Collection from Noble

Known for their hand-assembled, gorgeous over-ear headphones that include parts made of 24K gold and featuring Universal IEM designs, Nobel has just announced five new updates. Ranging in price from $399 to $999, each is tailored to a specific type of music fan, regardless of what you’re listening to.

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Many businesspeople and aviation enthusiasts lamented the day that the Concorde was decommissioned, ending the dream of commercial supersonic flight. The Boom Supersonic Passenger Airplane is trying to rekindle that dream. Behind the plane is a talented team with experience at Boeing, Pratt & Whitney, Lockheed Martin, Amazon, and NASA, and they’re already hard at work in their Denver headquarters building the first prototype. Its first flight is scheduled for late next year, and with any luck we’ll all have the ability to cruise at Mach 2.2 — that’s 1,451 mph, fast enough to travel from New York to London in just 3.4 hours — soon.

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Audi Set Up Free Wifi at the New York Auto Show, and Look What the Networks Are Called

Audi hits the New York Auto Show this week with the message that its A4 has surpassed the BMW 328i in many areas, like horsepower, acceleration and technologies including lane assist and CarPlay. And it’s taking some shots at BMW with a sly technology hack as well.
Audi has set up a bunch of free wifi networks—wifi is typically hard to find at auto shows, and usually password-protected—and given them names that double as ads for the A4 (and in fact, as attack ads on the 328i as well). Continue reading


Covr – make pictures without anybody noticing

COVR Photo is a case for the iPhone 6 and 6s that features a built-in sliding camera lens with a prism that allows you to take pictures and videos while holding your phone as you normally would. Thanks to the case’s sliding mechanism, you can easily choose between your iPhone camera or the COVR lens based on which one is easier to access or more conveniently positioned. $50


London-based Hong Kong illustrator and product designer Kevin LCK has merged his two passions in his new series for the ongoing project titled Ordinary Behavior. To stay true to his project, the series explores how humans interact and are codependent with technology. Kevin LCK was able to create tangible illustrations, which he coined as “illustrative objects,” whose purpose is to showcase the way we live our lives through technology. Using cardboard and paper, Kevin created incredibly detailed dioramas which he handcrafted, ironically and intentionally, without the help of any technology. The mini sculptures represent everyday electronics re-imagined so that each object internalizes the way we would normally use it and in which context. Continue reading

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Jaguar XKSS Continuation Models

Jaguar surprised the car community this week by announcing it will bring back to life the near mythical XKSS. Only nine examples of the iconic beauty will be produced, completely to 1957-spec, to fill the gap left by the nine vehicles lost to the Browns Lane factory fire decades ago. At over $1.4 million a pop.

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