Volkswagen Scraps ‘Das Auto’ Tagline

Seeking an image overhaul as it struggles to recover from an ongoing emissions scandal, Volkswagen is giving its iconic “Das Auto” tagline the boot.
The global slogan, which has been around for nearly a decade and translates to, simply, “The Car,” won’t appear in marketing campaigns moving forward. Instead, upcoming ads will use the “Volkswagen” moniker itself as a tagline. Continue reading



Our phones are great communication tools, but the traditional phone call is terribly inefficient — both people have to be available, and productivity grinds to a halt while you’re talking. Roger lets you keep in touch with friends and family on an on-demand basis. Built by the people behind Spotify, you simply enter the person’s phone number, tap to talk, and then tap to listen when they reply. It’s a modern-day walkie talkie, no unsightly antennas required.

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This stunning build is the latest masterpiece to roll out of KaffeeMachine, a custom motorcycle shop from Hamburg in Germany. The bike, a freshly-customized Moto Guzzi is elegant, immaculately finished and powerful. Stripped to its essentials, the minimalist ride was initially a Le Mans Mark III, it was tuned with a V11 1064cc V-twin engine with plenty of grunt and 91 hp, finished off with a vintage Jaguar blue color scheme, and beautiful brown leather details.

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Malie Hotel – Utrecht – The Netherlands

Located within walking distance of the historic city center of Utrecht, with its unique canals, museums, boutiques and bustling eateries, the Malie Hotel has just undergone a full renovation. This four star hotel  is guaranteed for a joyful stay when visiting the town which dates back to far in the middle ages. Continue reading

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Inside Chefs’ Fridges

Inside Chefs’ Fridges is a new book that shows you what goes into the personal home fridges of 40 of Europe’s top chefs(with nearly 60 Michelin stars shared between them), revealing their dependable fridge contents (with illustrations of all 40 fridges), their favorite local ingredients, as well as two of their most treasured home recipes. You also get a list of addresses of each of the celebrity chef’s restaurants. $34

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Skydome Cabins

Skydome is a Russian company that firmly believes the house is the most important place in human life because it’s where decisions are made, children grow up and the place where our lives take place. We’re inclined to agree, but Skydome took it one step further by creating an entire line of Skydome Cabins designed to be stylish, durable and efficient. Each Skydome is dome shaped to provide better resistance to heat loss, additional strength, seismic resistance and energy resistance. It’s going to be hard to hang art in a domed structure like this, but with the amount of benefits the shape provides it’s a wonder more people haven’t designed something like this in the past. Unfortunately, pricing information isn’t available yet. Continue reading

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La Marzocco’s Linea Classic is a favorite of numerous cafés all around the world. The La Marzocco Linea Mini Espresso Machine brings the same professional-level performance home in a compact package. It has a dual boiler system for optimal brewing and steaming, stepped temperature control, a self-contained two liter water reservoir, brew paddle activation with pre-infusion for consistency, and LED barista lights to let you focus on every cup. Available in four different colors — stainless, red, black, or white — to match any kitchen decor. $4.500

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This LEGO kit comes with 2048 pieces that come together to build an orange Mercedes Unimog that can be converted into a snow plow. It features a pneumatically-powered, articulated crane that has a working winch and a grabbed powered by LEGO Power Functions (batteries not included). The build has realistic steering, with 4-wheel drive and suspension. What’s more, it even has working pistons that actually move. When built, the vehicle comes in at over 19 inches long and 12 inches high. Although it’s intended for ages 11-16, that doesn’t mean we can’t have a bit of fun with it, right? It’s available now for $314.

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The Kuberg Freerider Electric Bike takes a more aggressive design than the e-bikes that we’re used to, which aligns nicely with the fact that its also exceptionally powerful.

It aims to be nothing more than a fast and fun bike that’s perfect for thrill-seekers. It has a sleek design that’s highlighted by its Moto-X-like seat and flashes of yellow. It has a 22 AH battery pack that provides fast acceleration and up to an hour of riding at full speed, and is fully recharged in just 2.5 hours. The 48V motor pushes out 8kW of power to allow riders to hit a max speed of 34 mph. It also features advanced Kuberg electronics that bring massive power and a highly modular design, allowing riders to upgrade it with add-ons. In fact, it uses all state-of-the-art Kuberg components.

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