Tesco Halloween: Introducing Spookermarket

Boy, a lot of creeps work at Tesco these days.
Or so it would seem from BBH London’s “Spookermarket” campaign, which includes an amusing 90-second hidden-camera video, shot in one of the British chain’s stores.
The aisles are tricked out for Halloween, and unsuspecting patrons are treated to the likes of ghoulish butchers who jump out from behind the counter and ghostly shopping carts that tool around on their own. And check out those severed hands in frozen foods! (Given English cuisine, we’re not actually sure those are part of the gag.)
Folks who head for the toilet paper display come face-to-face with the scariest scare of all. Hey, the most useful product will be right there if somebody had an accident.


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Fan-made LEGO Ghostbusters HQ kits have hit the web in recent years, causing the community to beg the brand to make the real deal. Well, it looks like the toymaker was listening. Behold the official LEGO Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters.

This kit consists of 4,634 pieces, and was designed to look just like the original 2-story NYC firehouse from the first Ghostbusters film. Within the brick walls lies a living quarters, lab, and of course the ghost containment unit. There are 9 minifigures in the set including Peter, Ray, Egon, Winston, Janine Melnitz, Dana Barrett, Louis Tully, along with several ghosts as well – and yes, Slimer has been thrown into the mix. Unfortunately the set won’t make it to retail until after the holidays, with an expected release date of January. The set will sell for $350.

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Vroom vroom by Lorenzo Quinn

Italian artist Lorenzo Quinn created Vroom vroom, a public sculpture where a giant hand appears to be playing with a Fiat Cinquecento. The photos seen here, show the version installed in London, but there are similar installations, in Valencia, Spain, and in Abu Dhabi. Continue reading

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Homebrew kits were once massive, intimidating things full of beakers and tubes that looked more like Baby’s First Mad Scientist Play Kit than something that would make a palette-pleasing microbrew. If you’ve been intimidated by the complexity of home brewing, or if you just want a simple, smart system to make a better beer, then you need a MiniBrew.

Almost entirely automated, if you can pour, you can make the perfect keg of homebrewed beer with the MiniBrew. It brews the wort then cools it down before dumping it into the specialized yeast unit for fermentation. Ventilation and care of your precious cargo is handled without the need for your interference. With one-stop ordering and even an app for discovering new brews or making your own experimental concoctions. $1850

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Built with parents in mind, the Torch Smart Router has plenty of applications outside of just monitoring your children. It’s easy-to-use interface lets you see what sites every device on your network is visiting, how much data they’re using, and how much time they’re spending online. You can set limits on each device’s usage, suspend their ability to connect to the Internet (without affecting the other devices on your network), and block specific sites on a per-device basis, so you can enjoy unfettered access without worrying about your kids or guests finding their way onto unsavory sites. Get me one now!!!! $100

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Watervilla is a spectacular minimalist residence located on the river Amstel in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Designed by +31ARCHITECTS, the modern villa was commissioned by clients that wanted a residence in which the relationship between the living area and water would be maximized. The top floor composed by the living room and kitchen features a large glass facade with sliding doors that open to a floating terrace that is moored along the entire length of the villa, inviting guests to take a refreshing dive into the river. A floating staircase takes you downstairs where the bedrooms and bathrooms are located. Continue reading

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Darth Vader’s Oven Mitts

Well… no, they’re not. Because let’s face it, Darth Vader wouldn’t be cooking now, would he? But if you want to stick your hands in a hot oven, we bet you won’t be able to use The Force so you’re going to need these silicon oven mitts made to look like Vader’s gloves; there’s even the Imperial Logo on the palm. Unfortunately, it seems it’s for right handed individuals only, but we suppose that for grabbing things out of the oven, lefties can manage with their non-dominant hand. $15.

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Lumen Is a Body Heat Activated Flashlight

The science behind it might be confusing, but using the Lumen body heat activated flashlight is not. All you have to do to engage the 5mm Cree LED is touch your finger to the black Thermoelectric Generator with a picture of a fingerprint on it. Using the TEG module, a voltage converter and a super capacitor, Lumen uses your wasted body heat instead of batteries to illuminate anything around you. Housed in an aluminum or titanium case that doubles as a radiator, and available with a tritium vial so you can find it in the dark, Lumen is the perfect addition to any EDC if you’re the kind of guy that doesn’t need the brightest light on the market. $30

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Inspired by the hectic streets of Asia, new Amsterdam’s asian restaurant Happyhappyjoyjoy by local studio concrete, serves small dishes influenced by the streets and markets of Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, and South Korea.

The interior design and identity evokes an eclectic mix and conglomeration of different streets and alleys, packed with rich colours, textures, prints, lights and different seating areas with smoking woks and steamers in the background. The restaurant is divided in five spaces, each with a unique identity, capturing the organised chaos that characterises Asian streets. Bilderdijkstraat 158HS, 1053 LC Amsterdam
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